Price and payment

AuthorJulian Bailey
Introduction 440
Determination of price: Work performed under a contract 441
(i) Introduction 441
(ii) Lump sum 441
(iii) Measurement (or remeasurement) 443
(iv) “Cost plus” 444
(v) Contractual quantum meruit 447
(vi) Management fee or consulting fee 448
(vii) Target cost 448
(viii) Schedule of rates 449
(ix) Daywork 449
(x) Provisional sums 450
(xi) Prime cost 451
(xii) Time charge 451
(xiii) Advance payments 451
(xiv) Discretion of third party 452
(xv) Rise and fall clauses 452
(xvi) Estimates 455
(xvii) Contingency 457
(xviii) Speculative work 458
(xix) Variations 458
(xx) Loss and/or expense 458
(xxi) Minimum quantity or value 458
(xxii) Other claims for compensation or indemnication 459
(xxiii) Errors 459
(xxiv) Estoppel by convention 460
Work performed on a non-contractual basis 460
(i) Basis of entitlement to payment 460
(ii) Contract between the parties 461
(iii) Unjust enrichment 462
(iv) Estoppel 466
Progress payments 466
Making a progress claim pursuant to a construction contract 468
(i) Timing 468
(ii) Form 469
(iii) Amount 469
(iv) Supporting information 470
(v) Fraudulent payment claims 473
Progress claims pursuant to legislative schemes: England 474
(i) Introduction 474
(ii) “Construction contract” 475
(iii) Writing 480
(iv) Entitlement to progress payment 481
(v) Mechanism for determining payments 481
(vi) Form of progress claim 483
New South Wales 484
(i) Introduction 484
(ii) Application of legislation 485
(iii) No contracting out 488
(iv) Entitlement to a progress payment 490
(v) Payment claim 493
(vi) Timing and service of payment claim 498
Victoria 501
(i) Introduction 501
(ii) Application of legislation 502
(iii) Entitlement to a progress payment 503
(iv) Making a payment claim 505
Queensland 507
(i) Application 507
(ii) Construction contracts 508
(iii) Entitlement to a progress payment 510
(iv) Making a payment claim 512
(v) Due date for payment 515
Western Australia 515
(i) Introduction 515
(ii) Application 516
(iii) Prohibited contractual provisions 517
(iv) Implied contractual provisions 518
South Australia 520
(i) Introduction 520
(ii) Application 520
(iii) Right to progress payments 521
(iv) Making a payment claim 521
Tasmania 522
(i) Introduction 522
(ii) Application 523
(iii) Right to progress payments 523
(iv) Making a payment claim 523
Australian Capital Territory 524
(i) Introduction 524
(ii) Application 525
(iii) Right to progress payments 525
(iv) Making a payment claim 526
(v) Due date for payment 527
Northern Territory 527
(i) Introduction 527
(ii) Application 527
(iii) Prohibited contractual provisions 528
(iv) Implied contractual provisions 528
Singapore 530
(i) Introduction 530
(ii) Application 531
(iii) Right to progress payment 532
(iv) Making a payment claim 533
(v) Due date for payment 537
Progress claims for work performed on a non-contractual basis 538
Valuation of work performed on a contractual basis 538
(i) Basis of valuation 538
(ii) Interim certicate 540
(iii) Non-assessment or invalid assessment 543
Valuation of work performed on a non-contractual basis 545
(i) Generally 545
(ii) Conferral and acceptance of a benet 549
(iii) Defective performance/abatement 550
Assessment of progress claims under legislative schemes: England 552
(i) Introduction 552
(ii) Payment notices 553
(iii) Service of notices 557
New South Wales 558
(i) Payment schedule 558
(ii) Form and content 558
(iii) Calculation of value of work performed 560
(iv) Time and manner of service 560
(v) Consequences if not issued in time 561
(vi) Consequences of not paying the full amount scheduled as due 564
Victoria 564
(i) Payment schedule 564
(ii) Form and content 564
(iii) Valuation of work 565
(iv) Time for issue 565
(v) Failure to pay amount due 566
Queensland 566
(i) Payment schedule 566
(ii) Form and content 567
(iii) Time for issue 568
(iv) Failure to issue a payment schedule in time 569
Western Australia 570

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