Professor Duncan McTavish: In memoriam

AuthorKaren Johnston,Robert Pyper
Published date01 April 2019
Date01 April 2019
Subject MatterObituary
untitled Obituary
Public Policy and Administration
2019, Vol. 34(2) 236–238
Professor Duncan
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McTavish: In memoriam
DOI: 10.1177/0952076718817859
Karen Johnston
Department of Organisational Studies, University of Portsmouth,
Portsmouth, UK
Editor of Public Policy and Administration (2007–2014)
Robert Pyper
School of Media, Culture and Society, The University of the West
of Scotland, Glasgow, UK
Editor of Public Policy and Administration (2000-2007)
It was with great sadness that we learned of the death of our friend and colleague
Professor Duncan McTavish. Duncan was a former editor of Public Policy and
Administration and served on several journal editorial boards, including Teaching
Public Administration.
An outstanding researcher and scholar, with extensive publications in the f‌ields
of public administration, public policy and politics, Duncan’s work is an invaluable
resource for students and practitioners and has advanced our understanding of
policy processes. His research extended across a wide range of themes and issues,
including the impact of neo-liberal public sector reforms, Multi-Level Governance,
good governance, accountability of the public sector, inequalities in public admin-
istration, and British politics and policy. His f‌irst book, Business and Management
in the UK 1900–2003, a fusion of economic and political history, and business and
public administration, drew upon his doctoral research to provide an important
analysis of the dynamic between managerial issues in the UK business and public
sectors. Duncan’s f‌inal book, Themes and Flux in British Politics, is a tour de force
of British politics with commentary on salient issues confronting contemporary
society such as nationalism and dif‌ferentiated political loyalties. His holistic per-
spective of the political and public policy landscape provides a richer understand-
ing of the complexities and challenges of public...

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