Representation of the People Act 1991

JurisdictionUK Non-devolved
Citation1991 c. 11
(1) Section 29 of the Representation of the People Act 1983 (payments by and to returning officers) shall be amended as follows.(2) For subsections (3) and (4) there shall be substituted—
  • “(3) A returning officer shall be entitled to recover his charges in respect of services properly rendered, or expenses properly incurred, for or in connection with a parliamentary election if—
  • (a) the services or expenses are of a kind specified in an order made by the Treasury; and
  • (b) the charges are reasonable.
the services or expenses are of a kind specified in an order made by the Treasury; andthe charges are reasonable.In any order made under subsection (3) above the Treasury may specify a maximum recoverable amount for services or expenses of any specified description and, subject to subsection (4A) below, the returning officer may not recover more than that amount in respect of any such services or expenses.that it was reasonable for the returning officer concerned to render the services or incur the expenses; andthat the charges in question are reasonable.provide for that amount to increase at prescribed dates, or after prescribed periods, by reference to such formula or other method of determination as may be specified in the order; andmake such transitional provision in connection with any such increase as the Treasury consider appropriate.The power to make orders under subsection (3) above shall be exercised by statutory instrument.(3) In subsection (5)

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