Requirements for Generators - Banding Thresholds for Northern Ireland

Published date19 November 2018
Energy SectorElectricity Networks
Northern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation
Queens House, 14 Queen Street, BELFAST, BT1 6ED
T: +44 (0) 28 9031 1575 F: +44 (0) 28 9031 1740 W:
All interested parties,
stakeholders in Northern Ireland,
and other regulatory bodies.
Ref: NET/E/TH/26
Date: 16 November 2018
To whom it may concern
Approval of SONI TSO Proposal for Requirements for Generators Banding Thresholds
in Northern Ireland in accordance with Article 5 of Commission Regulation (EU)
In accordance with Article 5 of Commission Regulation (EU) 2016/631, establishing a network
code on the requirements of grid connection of generators (hereafter referred to as RfG code),
on the 16 May 2018 the Utility Regulator (UR) received the TSO’s (SONI The System
Operator in Northern Ireland) proposal for requirements for generators banding threshold in
Northern Ireland (the RfG banding proposal.)
This letter provides detail on the decision of the UR, on the RfG banding proposal put forward
by SONI. The proposal was submitted in accordance with Article 5 of the RfG by the TSO
which relate to Northern Ireland.
In accordance with Article 5 (3) of the RfG code, SONI conducted a public consultation on the
banding thresholds for Northern Ireland from 7th April 2017 until 15th May 2017
. The TSO
received two responses during the consultation which were addressed in the TSO “Minded to”
Position document of 14th July 2017
The TSO and DSO thereafter consulted on non-exhaustive parameters from 20th December
2017 to 9th February 2018, as per the RfG
. The comments received from this consultation

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