Published date01 June 2019
Date01 June 2019
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PRB845285 274..276
The Journal of Community and Criminal Justice
Probation Journal
2019, Vol. 66(2) 274–275
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DOI: 10.1177/0264550519845285
Funding for university studies for ex-prisoners
Released or soon-to-be-released prisoners wanting to go to university are encour-
aged to apply to the Longford Trust’s scholarship programme. The charity, set up in
2002, focuses on higher education and is currently working with around 60 serving
and (mainly) ex-prisoners to support them into university, through a degree course,
and – via internships, work placements and employer links – into jobs on gradua-
tion. Eighty-five per cent of those on the programme graduate.
All subjects from accountancy to zoology, and all UK universities are covered.
There are 25 awards made each summer (application forms available on line or by
post; closing date 1 June). All recipients get a grant (no need to pay back) towards
living costs of between £1500 and £2500, and the one-to-one support of a trained
mentor, plus access to the trust’s secure app platform that links in one e-community of
mutual support its past and present scholars and mentors. More information is
available at:; email:; or tele-
phone: 07747 365037.
Working with trauma
One Small Thing is an organisation pushing for cultural change in the criminal
justice system for women, with the purpose of shifting the question away from
‘what’s wrong with them?’, towards ‘what happened to them?’. The website con-
tains a mix of materials that provide individual perspectives and experiences about
trauma and becoming trauma-informed as a practitioner or organisation. The
website includes weekly podcasts of women’s survival stories that include the
trauma the women have suffered and podcasts from key individuals linked with
research, policy and...

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