Restricted limitation decree

Published date21 March 2018
Subject MatterAdmiralty forms
In the
Claim No.
High Court of Justice
Queen’s Bench Division
Admiralty Court
Restricted limitation decree
UPON CONSENT of the claimants and the above-named defendants
AND UPON reading the written evidence of
IT IS ORDERED BY DECREE that by reason of the Merchant Shipping Act 19
1. the claimants are not answerable in damages in respect of claims by the above-named defendants or persons
claiming through or under them, beyond the amount (give amount) of Special Drawing Rights,
in respect of the loss, damage and delay caused to any property or to the infringement of any rights
through the claimants’ act or omission or through the act or omission of any person on board
the vessel (give name)
in the navigation or management of the (give name)
when the (give name)
collided with the (give name)
in the (give details)
on the (give date) .
2. the limitation tonnage of the (give name) ascertained in
accordance with the provisions of the Merchant Shipping Act 19 is (enter figure) tonnes,
that the amount of the Limitation Fund calculated in accordance with the Act is
Special Drawing Rights and that the liability of the claimants to the above named defendants
is £ (enter amount) together with simple interest thereon from
the (enter date of collision) to this day and no more (or as may be agreed
between the parties to the claim).
3. the claimants having constituted a Limitation Fund by payment into court of the amount
on the (enter date of payment into court) , all further proceedings against them by
the above-named defendants arising out of this occurrence be stayed.
(restrict to those defendants who have
admitted claimant’s right to limit liability)
ADM18 Restricted limitation decree (03.02)
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