Reviews: La Politique de la Solitude: Essai Sur la Philosophie Politique de J.-J. Rousseau, Rousseau and Nationalism, The Concept of Justice, Staat Und Souveränität, Band 1: Die Grundlagen, Representation, Equality, Governing without Consensus; An Irish Perspective, Ulster; A Case Study in Conflict Theory, Parliament and Congress, Administrative Theory and Public Administration, Management in Government, Studies in The Growth of Nineteenth-Century Government, The Price of Amenity: Five Studies in Conservation and Government, State Enterprise: Business or Politics?, Politics, Finance and the Role of Economics: An Essay on the Control of Public Enterprise, Bureaucracy and Representative Government, Le Pouvoir Et Les Groupes de Pression: Etude de la Structure Politique Du Capitalisme, Comparative Communist Politics, Studies in Opposition, Latin American Legislatures: Their Role and Influence, Israel's Parliament: The Law of the Knesset, The Nigerian Army, The Nigerian Military, Ibo Politics. The Role of Ethnic U

AuthorRoderick C. Ogley,Robert Mair,N. Lucas,J. F. N. Bradley,Dennis Kavanagh,S. K. Panter-Brick,F. Q. Castles,Geoffrey Ostergaard,Derek Smith,David R. Cameron,Basil Chubb,Geoffrey K. Roberts,Thomas A. Hockin,D. F. S. Scott,S. T. Glass,Peter Calvert,A. Dunsire,J. Frankel,M. Hookham,Richard Rose,M. H. Lessnoff,C. J. Hughes,James B. Christoph,Paul Wilkinson,Graham Wootton,J. Blondel,David Childs,M. G. Clarke,Roy Douglas,J. H. Price,H. R. Burroughes,P. A. Reynolds,William J. L. Wallace
Date01 September 1972
Published date01 September 1972
Subject MatterReviews

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