Skeleton arguments

Published date21 March 2018
Subject MatterCounty Court forms
Skeleton argument
Your name
Your (your solicitor’s /advocate’s) address
Your contact
telephone number
Your reference or
contact name
Your Solicitor’s name (if you are legally represented)
N163 Skeleton argument (4.00) The Court Service Publications Unit
DX number
Case or claim number
Name of court
Name or title of case or claim
In the
Appeal Court
Reference No. (if known)
For Court use only
Date filed
In the appeal, are you the appellant respondent
Your name and address
Details of the claim or case
The contents of the skeleton arguments must comply
with the practice direction to Part 52 of the Civil
Procedure Rules
Your Advocate’s name
complete your skeleton argument overleaf
In the case or claim, were you the
claimant applicant petitioner
defendant respondent other (please specify)
(tick appropriate box)
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