Statement of service of papers under the Family Law Act 1996

Published date21 March 2018
Subject MatterFamily law forms
You must give details of service of the application on each of the other parties
give details of service on the mortgagee or landlord of the dwelling-house (if appropriate)
Hearing of the Proceedings
You should if the person’s solicitor was served, give his or her name and address
You must indicate the manner, date, time and place of service
If you are an
individual applicant youMUST NOTservethedocumentsyourselfonthepersonyouareseekingtheorderagainst
Statement of Service
Family Law Act 1996
Case number
Name and address of person served Meansofidenticationofperson,andhow,
when and where served
I am the [applicant] [solicitor for the applicant] [other] (state)
Signed: Date:
FL415StatementofService(04.17) © Crown copyright 2017
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