The Merchant Shipping (Fees) Regulations 2018 (Version in vigour from 2023-10-05 to )

Coming into Force05 October 2023
(1) These Regulations may be cited as the Merchant Shipping (Fees) Regulations 2018 and come into force on 13th November 2018.(2) They cease to have effect at the end of the period of seven years beginning with the day on which they come into force.
  • In these Regulations—
  • specified in that Schedule in relation to that service or function, orotherwise determined under that Schedule.(2) Where a fee is payable in respect of the issue of a certificate, the Agency is not required to issue the certificate until that fee has been paid.4 hours for each visit to a ship F63or a person in the United Kingdom, and10 hours in any period of 24 hours for travel from the United Kingdom to a ship F64or a person located abroad and back to the United Kingdom,(2) The reasonable cost of travel and subsistence incurred in visiting a ship F65or a person outside the United Kingdom is to be reimbursed to the Agency in addition to the fee payable under these Regulations.(3) Paragraph (4) applies to expenses reasonably incurred in respect of any assistance provided to the Agency by a person not employed by it.(4) To the extent that the expenses referred to in paragraph (3) relate to a service or function of the Agency for which a fee is payable under these Regulations, they are to be reimbursed to the Agency in addition to that fee.(1) Subject to paragraph (2) , where an application for a service or other function for which a fee is payable under these Regulations is made before the day they come into force, but the service or function is provided on or after that date, the fee payable in respect of that service or function is the fee prescribed immediately before the coming into force of these application for a service or other function is made before these Regulations come into force,the fee payable in respect of that service or function is to be calculated by reference to an hourly rate, andany work to conduct that service or function is carried out after these Regulations come into force.the fee in respect of the service or other function carried out after the date these Regulations come into force, andany additional fee which becomes payable under Part 14 of Schedule 1 by reason of an event occurring after that date.
  • The Regulations specified in Schedule 2 are revoked.
  • (1) In each of the regulations specified in paragraph (2) , for “Merchant Shipping (Fees) Regulations 2006” substitute “ Merchant Shipping (Fees) Regulations 2018 ”.regulations 11(1) and 13(1) (b) of the Merchant Shipping (Prevention of Air Pollution From Ships) Regulations 2008 regulations 11(1) and 13(1) (b) of the Merchant Shipping (Prevention of Pollution by Sewage and Garbage from Ships) Regulations 2008 regulation 8(1) of the Merchant Shipping (Passenger Ships) Safety Code for UK Categorised Waters) Regulations 2010 regulation 22(3) of the Merchant Shipping (Port State Control) Regulations 2011 regulations 15(1) (c) and 17(2) of the Merchant Shipping (Prevention of Pollution from Noxious Liquid Substances in Bulk) Regulations 2018 carry out a review of the regulatory provision contained in these Regulations, andpublish a report setting out the conclusions of the review.(2) The report must be published before 13th November 2023.set out the objectives intended to be achieved by the regulatory provision referred to in paragraph (1) (a) ,assess the extent to which those objectives are achieved,assess whether those objectives remain appropriate, andif those objectives remain appropriate, assess the extent to which they could be achieved in another way which involves less onerous regulatory provision.(4) In this regulation, “regulatory provision” has the same meaning as in sections 28 to 32 of the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 (see section 32 of that Act) .the Act, andthe statutory instruments listed in the Table in this Part.

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