Valeria Vegh Weis. Marxism and Criminology: A History of Criminal Selectivity

AuthorWalter S DeKeseredy
Published date01 July 2019
Date01 July 2019
Subject MatterBook reviews
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Punishment & Society 21(3)
Overall, this is an important book that brings a much-needed contribution to
scholarship on Hawai‘i as a critical site for the study of colonialism and violence
while foregrounding gender oppression. Their work proposes policy recommenda-
tions salient for Hawai‘i that extend beyond its parameters. I hope that scholars
build upon Irwin and Umemoto’s significant research to develop a more compre-
hensive understanding of the multiple workings of the carceral, penal state in
Hawai‘i, and the capacity of indigenous knowledge to advance justice and recon-
ciliation for present and future generations on its islands while staging an example
for the rest of the Pacific and for the entire world.
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Laurel Mei-Singh
Princeton University & University of Hawai‘i at Manoa, USA
Valeria Vegh Weis. Marxism and Criminology: A History of Criminal Selectivity, Brill: Boston,
MA, 2017; 348 pp. (including index): 978–9004319554, $151 (cloth), $28 (pbk)
Many critical criminologists, particularly those who produced theories of crime
and its control in the...

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