Wholesale Retail Code Change Proposal – Ref CPW111

Date06 May 2021
Wholesale Retail Code Change Proposal Ref CPW111
Modifica tion
Wholesale Ret ail Code Change Proposal CPW111Housekeeping
changes to align the codes with CMOS
The Authority1 has decided to approve this Change Proposal
Publicat ion date
6 May 2021
14 May 2021
During a code review undertaken by the Market Operator (MOSL) in 2020, it was
identifie d that for some Data Transactions there is a misalignment between the
described b ehaviour in the cod es and functionality in the Central Market Operating
System (CMOS). The misalign ments have existed since market opening. MOSL logged
the incons istencies that it ha d identified and has submitte d this housekeeping Change
Proposal to seek to address them.
The issue
CSD 0301 (Data Cat alogue)T121.W
CSD 0301 does not mandate that the Trade Effluent Tariff Band is included in the T121.W
(Submit DPID) Transaction where the Trade Effluent tariff is banded. However, CMOS
has a validat ion rule which mandates inclusion where the tariff is bande d. This is
required to facilit ate the accurate calculation of Primary Charges. The final
recommendation report states that if this data is not included, CMOS will skipthe
Supply Point during settlement calculations.
CSD 0301 (Data Cat alogue)T105.M
1 The terms used in this docu ment are those d efined in the W holesale Retai l Code and capitali sed terms
relating to the titles of Data Items or Data Transactions described in CSD 0301 (Data Catalogue) shall have
the meanin g attributed ther ein.

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