Wholesale Retail Code Change Proposals – Ref CPW112

Date26 April 2021
Wholesale Retail Code Change Proposals – Ref CPW112
Wholesale Retail Code Change Proposals – CPW112:
Clarifications to CSD 0102 and CSD 0105
The Authority has decided to approve this Change Proposal
Publication date
26 April 2021
14 May 2021
During a review of the market codes, the Market Operator (MOSL) has identified
inaccuracies affecting Code Subsidiary Document (CSD) 0102 Registrations:
Transfers, specifically, Step J: submit Transfer Read(s). This arose from a
misalignment between the described behaviour in the submission of Transfer
Reads in the CSD and CMOS functionality.
At the same time, some Trading Parties have raised with MOSL that there is
uncertainty around the rectification process and timescales. The issues raised
relate to the correct approach whenever the Effective From Date of the Data
Item is older than eight months within CSD 0105 (Error Rectification and
Retrospective Amendments).
The issue
CSD 0102
As described in CSD 0102 section 2.2, Retailers are expected to submit Transfer
Reads where a metered service component is attached to the SPID. In cases
where a sewerage supply point has a metered service component associated
with a water meter, incoming Retailers must also submit a second Transfer
Read against the water SPID. Transactions where the submission of the second
read is late are chargeable against the water SPID under the rules of Market
Performance Standard 16 within the Market Performance Framework (MPF).
CMOS design followed this process until November 2019.

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