Wholesale Retail Code Change Proposal – Ref CPW113

Date22 March 2021
Wholesale Retail Code Change Proposal Ref CPW113
Wholesale Retail Code Change Proposal CPW113 Housekeeping
changes to fix typographical errors and ensure standardisation
The Authority has decided to approve this Change Proposal with a
Publication date
22 March 2021
14 May 2021
The Market Operator (MOSL) maintains a log which captures errors and inconsistencies
discovered during code implementation and use. The final recommendation report
indicates that the log is review ed on a regular basis and Change Proposals are raised to
address the issues as and when appropriate.
The issue
There are a number of typographical errors which have been identified within the
Business Terms and the Operational Terms.
The Change Proposal
It is proposed that the following changes are made to address the issues that have
been identified:
Business Terms:
Sections 4.8.2(d)(ii) and 9.12.3( d) correction of inaccurate references du e to
typographical errors;
Section 7.5 capitalisation of “act” in “Bribery Act” and addition of “2010”;
The proposal and accompanying documentation is available on the MOSL website at

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