Withdrawal Form (Except for PoCA and PoVA Cases)

Published date21 March 2018
Subject MatterCare Standards (First-tier Tribunal) forms
First-tier Tribunal - Health, Education and Social Care Chamber (Care Standards)
Withdrawal Form
(except for PoCA and PoVA cases)
For oce use only
Case reference
Oce stamp
(date received)
Use this form to notify withdrawal of your case before the tribunal (except for PoCA and PoVA cases). Withdrawal
of a case or part of a case cannot take eect unless the tribunal consents, (except PoCA and PoVA cases).
Please complete this form in CAPITAL LETTERS or type and either return it by post, email or fax, details at the end
of this form.
CS WD – Withdrawal Form (except for PoCA and PoVA cases) (07.18) ©Crown copyright 2018
A – Appellant and case details
B – Name of respondent organisation
Withdraw the case in its entirety
Withdraw part of the case
If you are withdrawing part of your case please specify which part
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Reset form
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