Agricultural Soil in UK Law

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Books & Journal Articles
  • The chemical characteristics of composted and vermicomposted cotton residues case study in Sudan
    • Nbr. 9-4, October 2012
    • World Journal of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development
    • 325-336
    Purpose: – The purpose of this paper is to investigate the influence of two decomposition processes, namely, composting and vermicomposting, on the chemical composition of the finished products of ...
    ...... for Research, Khartoum, SudanSulieman Hammad Nasser AliDepartment of Soil and Environment Sciences, University of Khartoum,Khartoum, SudanSarra ... out by four researchers from two institutionsconcerned with agricultural production and environmental aspects related to soil productivity. ......
  • The application of near-automated georeferencing technique to a strip of historic aerial photographs in GIS
    • Nbr. 36-1, March 2018
    • Library Hi Tech
    • 43-56
    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to describe the procedure for near-automation of the most commonly used manual georeferencing technique in a desktop GIS environment for historic aerial photog...
    ...... purposes including land use and land cover change detection, soil erosionpattern recognition, agricultural practices change analysis, ......
  • Measuring regional competitiveness through agricultural indices of productivity. The Peruvian case
    • Nbr. 13-2, May 2017
    • World Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development
    • 78-95
    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to incorporate factors that characterize the agricultural activity as productivity indices to compute the agricultural competitiveness of regions in order to r...
    ...... commonly used social and economicindicators.Design/methodology/approach –The authors identify regional factors related to the use of water, soil,production, revenues, and rural population, which conform a total of six productivity indices, that the authorsthen employ to calculate the regional ......
  • Natural resource management in changing climate – reflections from indigenous Jharkhand
    • Nbr. 11-2, May 2014
    • World Journal of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development
    • 117-133
    Purpose: – Addressing probable complexities of climate change on rural livelihoods, food security, and poverty reduction, requires mainstreaming of cross-sectoral interventions and adaptations into...
    ...... from micro-watershed units of this study.Findings –In-situ soil and water conservation methods showed increased availabilities of ... of rural infrastructure and landhusbandry practices improved agricultural productivity and resulted in subsequent reductions inwomen’s drudgeries. ......
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Law Firm Commentaries
  • Plasterboard Recycling Standard Now Available
    • Mondaq United Kingdom
    ......plasterboard, the manufacture of cement and in the agricultural. sector as a soil treatment.  As markets increase for recycled. gypsum ......
  • What Is Carbon Farming?
    • Mondaq UK
    .... Carbon farming is a general term for a variety of agricultural. methods aimed at sequestering atmospheric carbon into soil, crop. roots, ......
  • Why Monetising Natural Capital Helps The Argument For Public Subsidy
    • Mondaq UK
    ...... up the ecosystem without which human life cannot survive: air, water, soil, plants and so on. It seems to me that there are two principal arguments ...'s Health and Harmony consultation on our future, domestic agricultural policy indicates that any continuation of subsidy should be based on the ......
  • 2018 Business Trends … Data Is A Key Theme
    • Mondaq UK
    ...... However, the applications for IoT are far-reaching, in the agricultural sector, there are solutions that offer sensor data, monitoring moisture vels in soil, weather and crop conditions. In the medical and lifestyle sector, sensors ......
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  • Chapter IHTM24062
    • HMRC Inheritance Tax Manual
    • HM Revenue & Customs
    ......The absence of any tillage of the soil meant that the reed beds could not be agricultural. nurseries growing ......
  • Chapter CAPI02050
    • HMRC Guidance manuals
    • Formularios de Derecho Civil, Mercantil y Registral
    • HM Revenue & Customs
    ...... The Treaty of Rome provides the basis for the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy. The products subject to CAP and referred to in this book as ‘CAP ... listed in Annex I to the Treaty of Amsterdam as ‘products of the soil, of stock farming and fisheries and of first stage processing’, and. ......
  • Chapter IHTM24254
    • HMRC Inheritance Tax Manual
    • HM Revenue & Customs
    ...... to replace a wide range of farming subsidies under the Common Agricultural Policy and break the link between subsidies and agricultural production. ... objectives for qualifying land, which must be met, including soil management, maintenance of habitat and landscape features, and protection ......
  • Chapter BIM55455
    • HMRC Guidance manuals
    • Formularios de Derecho Civil, Mercantil y Registral
    ...... fertiliser which was applied when it was growing may remain in the soil and be available to subsequent crops. Similarly fertiliser or manure ...The Central Association of Agricultural Valuers and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors recommend that, ......
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