Building Disputes in UK Law

  • Arbitration Act 1996
    • UK Non-devolved
    • January 01, 1996 obtain the fair resolution of disputes by an impartial tribunal. without unnecessary delay or expense;. . . (b) ... . ‘premises’ includes land, buildings, moveable structures, vehicles,. vessels, aircraft and hovercraft. . ......
  • Finance Act 2020
    • UK Non-devolved
    • January 01, 2020
    ......S-29 . Structures and buildings allowances: rate of relief 29 Structures and buildings allowances: rate ...Import duty Import duty . S-97 . International trade disputes 97 International trade disputes . . In section 15(1)(b) of TCTA 2018 ......
  • Financial Services (Banking Reform) Act 2013
    • England & Wales
    • January 01, 2013
    ...... . . (2) But "ring-fenced body" does not include-. . (a) a building society within the meaning of the Building Societies Act 1986, or. . . ... . SCH-2.23 .   . 23 In section 73 (disputes), in subsection (1)- . . (a) omit the "and" at the end of paragraph (b);. ......
  • Finance Act 2012
    • England & Wales
    • January 01, 2012
    ...... expenditure under that Part incurred in respect of a qualifying building (’Part 3A expenditure’),. . . (b) there has been a balancing event ... communications) apply (with any necessary modifications) to disputes under this paragraph as to whether a document is privileged. SCH-38.18 . ......
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Books & Journal Articles
  • The Laws of Foreign Buildings: Flat Roofs and Minarets
    • Nbr. 19-4, December 2010
    • Social & Legal Studies
    ......The second is contemporary: it looks at the disputes about the right of Muslims to add minarets to prayer spaces that eventually led to an initiative to ban minarets altogether. In each of the cases I ......
  • The Strategic Struggle for Patronage
    • Nbr. 19-1, January 2007
    • Journal of Theoretical Politics
    ...... Latin American parties have been regularly plagued by factional disputes. Such riv al- ries are puzzling given the traditional importance of state largesse for building sup- port; in most countries patronage has kept politicians loyal and ......
  • The international mediation of power-sharing settlements
    • Nbr. 53-4, December 2018
    • Cooperation and Conflict
    ...... and policy-makers as a potentially effective mechanism for building peace in the aftermath of violent ethnic conflicts and self-determination disputes. Although the operation of power sharing may be prone to ongoing ......
  • Polarisation, accountability, and interstate conflict
    • Nbr. 23-1, February 2021
    • British Journal of Politics and International Relations
    ......Building on a comparative elections and accountability perspective, we hypothesise ... are more likely to be involved in the initiation of inter-state disputes, resulting disputes will be more likely to result in prolonged conflict, ......
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Law Firm Commentaries
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