Partnership in UK Law

  • Sample Partnership/LLP Agreement
    • Appendix
    • Partnership and LLP Law - 2nd edition
    • Elspeth Berry
    • 221-234
  • Partnership in Practice
    • No. 38-3, September 1991
    • Probation Journal
    As Probation Committees anticipate their new scope under the Criminal Justice Act 1991 to grant-aid voluntary projects, Harriet Bretherton, an Inner London probation officer seconded as a team lead...
  • The Trans-Pacific Partnership
    • No. 5-2, December 2016
    • British Journal of American Legal Studies
    • Tania Voon, Elizabeth Sheargold
    • Professor, Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne; PhD (Cambridge); LLM (Harvard); Grad Dip Intl L, LLB (Hons), BSc (Melbourne)/PhD Candidate and Research Fellow, Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne, LLM (Columbia); LLB (Hons), BA (Melbourne)
    • 341-370
    This article provides an overview of the recently concluded Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), a treaty the parties have described as comprehensive and ambitious, yet also representing a ba...
  • The Foundations of Social Partnership
    • No. 54-2, June 2016
    • British Journal of Industrial Relations
    ‘Social partnership’ between capital and labour is a distinctive characteristic of German industrial relations. Based on a survey of 142 German employers’ associations, we investigate differences i...
  • Why has Irish Social Partnership Survived?
    • No. 47-1, March 2009
    • British Journal of Industrial Relations
    The present system of social partnership in Ireland is in its twentieth year. A range of explanations have been put forward to explain why social partnership has been so durable even though it does...
  • Partnership Governance and Democratic Effectiveness
    • No. 23-1, January 2008
    • Public Policy and Administration
    The design and evaluation of partnerships delivering public policy goals should consider questions of democratic performance as much as matters of service delivery. The flexibility afforded to part...
  • A compliance competence partnership approach model
    • No. 14-2, April 2006
    • Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance
    • 140-150
    Purpose: Compliance competence is key to the operation and reputation of the financial services sector and is now completely embedded in the way financial services organisations carry on investment...
  • Political-Military Partnership in Israel
    • No. 2-3, July 1981
    • International Political Science Review / Revue internationale de science politique
    Since the Six-Day War in 1967 a profound transformation has occurred in political- military relations in Israel. National consensus in the security sphere has collapsed. The authority and legitimac...
  • A Training Partnership
    • No. 86-5/6, May 1986
    • Industrial Management & Data Systems
    • 3-4
    There has been a great deal of talk recently about the importance of training or re‐skilling of the workforce in order to revitalise British industry, but little has been said about the training ne...
  • Putting Partnership into Practice in Britain
    • No. 38-2, June 2000
    • British Journal of Industrial Relations
    The paper reviews industrial relations developments in Britain during 1999 by assessing how New Labour’s policy commitment to encouraging ‘partnership’ is developing in practice. After a discussion...
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