Patent in UK Law

  • American Cyanamid Company v Ethicon Ltd
    • House of Lords
    • 10 Febrero 1975
    ... ... 1 This appeal arises out of a Petition by the Respondents for the revocation of the Appellants' Patent No. 934853 on the grounds that (1) the complete specification does not sufficiently or fairly describe the invention or the method by which it is to ... ...
  • Benmax v Austin Motor Company Ltd
    • House of Lords
    • 20 Enero 1955
    ... ... any dispute arising out of the credibility of witnesses, but the sole question is whether the proper inference from those facts is that the patent in suit disclosed an inventive step, I do not hesitate to say that an Appellate Court should form an independent opinion, though it will naturally ... ...
  • Biogen Inc. v Medeva Plc
    • House of Lords
    • 31 Octubre 1996
    ... ... of sections 14(5) and 72(1) of the Patents Act 1977, which eliminates a difficulty expressed by the Court of Appeal in Genentech Inc.'s Patent [1989] R.P.C. 147 ... 6 There is however one matter which I should mention: namely, the necessity or otherwise for a valid patent to concern ... ...
  • American Cyanamid Company v Ethicon Ltd
    • Court of Appeal (Civil Division)
    • 05 Febrero 1974
    ... ... , on motion by the plaintiff, granted an interlocutory injunction restraining until trial the defendant from infringing the plaintiff's letters patent No. 1,045,518. The operation of the injunction is suspended pending the determination of this appeal against an undertaking by the defendant not to ... ...
  • Kirin-Amgen v Hoechst Marion Roussel Ltd
    • House of Lords
    • 21 Octubre 2004
    ... ... 1 Kirin-Amgen Inc ("Amgen"), a Californian pharmaceutical company, is the proprietor of a European patent (EP 0148605B2) relating to the production of erythropoietin ("EPO") by recombinant DNA technology. EPO is a hormone made in the kidney which ... ...
  • Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd v Zodiac Seats UK Ltd (formerly known as Contour Aerospace Ltd)
    • Supreme Court
    • 03 Julio 2013
    ... ... 1 In this case, Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd wishes to recover damages exceeding £49,000,000 for the infringement of a European Patent which does not exist in the form said to have been infringed. The Technical Board of Appeal ("TBA") of the European Patent Office ("EPO") has ... ...
  • Unilever Plc v Procter and Gamble Company
    • Court of Appeal (Civil Division)
    • 28 Octubre 1999
    ... ... the appeal is as to the application of the general rule of evidence on 'without prejudice' communications to a form of proceedings peculiar to patent law and some other fields of intellectual property law, that is (as Unilever contends its action was) an action for threats brought under s.70 of the ... ...
  • Atherton v British Insulated and Helsby Cables Ltd
    • House of Lords
    • 11 Diciembre 1925
    ... ... It is "the big question in the case" as, in the course of the English proceedings, Russell, J. observed. The issue of subject matter in the patent of 1909, to which nearly all the energies of Counsel have been directed, is really decided against the patentees, if the view of the passage ... ...
  • Pozzoli v BDMO
    • Court of Appeal (Civil Division)
    • 22 Junio 2007
    ... ... 1 The patentee, Pozzoli, seeks permission to appeal from the decision of Lewison J, [2006] EWHC 11398 (Ch) that its patent, EP (UK) 0 676 763, is invalid. In the event that permission is granted and the patent held valid, Pozzoli appeals (with the leave of this court) ... ...
  • Aerotel Ltd v Telco Holdings Ltd; Macrossan's Patent Application (No.0314464.9)
    • Court of Appeal (Civil Division)
    • 27 Octubre 2006
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