Renting in UK Law

Leading Cases
  • Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council v Host Group Ltd
    • Court of Appeal (Civil Division)
    • 03 Noviembre 1987

    Thus, like all points of construction, the meaning of this rent review clause depends upon the particular language used interpreted having regard to the context provided by the whole document and the matrix of the material surrounding circumstances, whilst recognising, therefore, that the particular language used will always be of paramount importance, it is proper and only sensible, when construing a rent review clause, to have in mind what normally is the commercial purpose of such a clause.

  • Cook v Thomas and Another
    • Court of Appeal (Civil Division)
    • 17 Marzo 2010

    It has been said many times, Benmax v Austin Motor Co [1955] AC 370, Biogen Inc v Medeva Inc [1997] RPC 1 and Assicurazioni Generali SA v Arab Insurance Group [2003] 1 WLR 577 being only three of the examples of high authority, that an appellate court can hardly ever overturn primary findings of fact by a trial judge who has seen the witnesses give evidence in a case in which credibility was in issue.

  • Barrett and Others v Morgan
    • House of Lords
    • 27 Enero 2000

    Formerly the extinguishment of the tenancy by surrender also extinguished the reversion to any sub-tenancy, so that the remedy for the rent and the covenants attached to the reversion ceased with the reversion to which they were annexed. This unsatisfactory state of affairs was remedied by statute in two stages.

  • Samuel Properties (Developments) Ltd v Hayek
    • Court of Appeal (Civil Division)
    • 24 Julio 1972

    It was argued that there was a distinction (as to time limits) between options to determine, or to renew, or to acquire the reversion, and a right such as the present.

  • Re Toshoku Finance UK Plc
    • House of Lords
    • 20 Febrero 2002

    Expenses incurred after the liquidation date need no further equitable reason why they should be paid. It is not the business of the liquidator to incur expenses for any other purpose. There would be little point in a statute which specifically imposed liabilities upon a company in liquidation if they were payable only in the rare case in which it emerged with all other creditors having been paid.

  • Bailey (C. H.) Ltd v Memorial Enterprises Ltd
    • Court of Appeal (Civil Division)
    • 16 Noviembre 1973

    That appears from a passage in Holdsworth's "History of English Law", volume 7 at page 262, which was referred to by Lord Justice Evershed in Property Holding Co, Ltd. v. Clark (1948) 1 K. B. 630 at page 648:- "In modern law rent is not conceived of as a thing, but rather as a payment "which the tenant is bound by his contract to make to his landlord for the use of the land."

  • Arnold v National Westminster Bank Plc
    • House of Lords
    • 25 Abril 1991

    Cause of action estoppel arises where the cause of action in the later proceedings is identical to that in the earlier proceedings, the latter having been between the same parties or their privies and having involved the same subject matter. In such a case the bar is absolute in relation to all points decided unless fraud or collusion is alleged, such as to justify setting aside the earlier judgment.

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Books & Journal Articles
  • A decision support method for internal truck employment
    • Nbr. 114-9, October 2014
    • Industrial Management & Data Systems
    • 1378-1395
    Purpose: – The purpose of this paper is to propose a model that determines the strategy of owning and renting trucks in combinations with internal truck scheduling and storage allocation problems i...
    ...... University, Hong Kong, Hong KongAbstractPurpose – The purpose of this paper is to propose a model that determines the strategy of owningand renting trucks in combinations with internal truck scheduling and storage allocation problems incontainer terminals.Design/methodology/approach – To deal ......
  • Comment: A Critical Assessment of Assured Shorthold Tenancies
    • Nbr. 2-1, January 2012
    • Southampton Student Law Review
    • Louise Cheung
    • 53-58
    This article looks at how an assured shorthold tenancy (under the HA 1988, as amended by the HA 1996) is created and can be brought to an end. It critically comments on the extent of security of te...
    ...... This article is adapted from an assignment for the LLB optional module ‘Renting Homes: Law & Policy’ taught by Dr. Emma Laurie. . Introduction: How an assured shorthold tenancy is created and brought to an end . ssured ......
  • State of Knowledge-Intensive Business Services (KIBS) in India
    • Nbr. 11-4, September 2014
    • World Journal of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development
    • 271-281
    Purpose: – The growing importance of knowledge and innovation in the present era motivated the author to study knowledge-intensive business services (KIBS) in general and the case of India in parti...
    ...... it is defined as; “business services include services like computer-relatedservices, R&D, accounting services and legal services and renting of machinery in order of importance(shares) as per India’s National Accounts”. An analysis of performance of KIBS in India showsthat among KIBS ......
  • Health and Social Needs of People with Low Intelligence
    • Nbr. 14-2, July 2009
    • Mental Health Review Journal
    • 22-27
    This paper explores the experiences of people with borderline and low intelligence when compared to the general population. The aim was to explore whether people with low intelligence, who are rare...
    ...... We found that a person with low intelligence was significantly more likely to be a smoker, have problems with paperwork and be renting their home, and a significant subgroup was more likely to be friendless. The pursuit of social justice and social inclusion may require greater ......
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Law Firm Commentaries
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  • Chapter PIM4481
    • HMRC Guidance manuals
    • Formularios de Derecho Civil, Mercantil y Registral
    .... . . Hyder is a landlord and in 2017-18 he has rent a room receipts of £500 from renting out a room in his home in Colchester. He also received rents of £4,000 from a flat he lets in Derby. Hyder also receives £3,000 from renting out a ......
  • Chapter TOBPMMLS6200
    • HMRC Guidance manuals
    • Formularios de Derecho Civil, Mercantil y Registral
    • HM Revenue & Customs
    ...... the intended date of sale. details of the customer purchasing or renting the machine. address where the machine is to be delivered and stored. the products being manufactured by the machine. the serial number of the ......
  • Chapter CH205470
    • HMRC Guidance manuals
    • Formularios de Derecho Civil, Mercantil y Registral
    ......You may not question any person renting the living accommodation from the business about their tax affairs because they are not the person responsible for the business you are inspecting ......
  • Chapter BLM25125
    • HMRC Guidance manuals
    • Formularios de Derecho Civil, Mercantil y Registral
    ......Lease rentals are £1000 a year. Minimum lease period is 5 years. At the 5 year point, each lessee can either. carry on renting the machine for £10 a year, or. terminate the lease and require the lessor to sell the machine and repay an amount equivalent to 99% of the net ......
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