Cyber Crime - Law and Practice

Wildy Simmonds & Hill
Publication date:


Cyber Crime: Law and Practice, now in its second edition, tackles the fast-growing topic of cyber crime and covers a wide range of issues from electronic fraud, data, interception of communications, cyber stalking, online theft and intellectual property to more involved topics like malicious communications and the rules of evidence relating to cyber-crimes and computers. The second edition contains updated information on: New Offences under the Computer Misuse Act 1990, Investigatory Powers Act 2016, Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR, and new CPS guidance on prosecution of offences relating to social media. Using detailed case studies, examples and statutory extracts the author explains all aspects of cyber crime and computer crime. Cyber Crime: Law and Practice provides a practical, easy-to-follow guide for practitioners in the field, as well as those in law enforcement and academia. With Foreword by Ian Dyson, Commissioner of the City of London Police, National Lead on Cyber-Crime.

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