Acknowledgement of reviewers for 2021

Published date01 June 2022
Date01 June 2022
Subject MatterReviewer list
Acknowledgement of
reviewers for 2021
The Editors would like to take the opportunity to extend their sincere thanks to those who
served as reviewers during 2021. The high quality of the Journals content depends upon
their expert knowledge, generous time contribution, and commitment to criminological
Thalia Anthony
Bruce Arrigo
Bruce Baker
Lorana Bartels
Isabelle Bartkowiak-Theron
Lyndel Bates
Jyoti Belur
Gisela Bichler
Harry Blagg
Denis Bracken
David Brown
Mark Brown
Mark Button
Kerry Carrington
Nerida Chazal
Adrian Cherney
Kerry Clamp
Kyllie Cripps
Cassandra Cross
Elliott Currie
Alan Cusack
Lorne Dawson
Antje Deckert
Fiona Dowsley
Anna Eriksson
Serena Favarin
Marcus Felson
Bianca Fileborn
Asher Flynn
Catherine Flynn
Arie Freiberg
David Garland
Fern Gillon
Barry Goldson
Sigi Goode
Andrew Groves
Rok Hacin
Fiona Haines
Stuart Henry
Thomas Holt
Aziz Huq
Keir Irwin-Rogers
Murray Lee
Catia Malvaso
Elena Marchetti
Simone Marino
Rob McCusker
Alyce McGovern
Carolyn McKay
Eugene McLaughlin
James Mehigan
James Nunn
John Sunday Ojo
Ifeanyi Onwuzuruigbo
Alex Piquero
John Pratt
Tim Prenzler
Catherine Renshaw
Amy Risley
Stuart Ross
Michael Salter
Pekka Santtila
Rick Sarre
Lacey Schaefer
Jonathan Simon
Russell Smith
Elizabeth Stanley
Anders Stenstrom
Gregory Stratton
Julie Stubbs
Carleen Thompson
Julie-Anne Toohey
Rick Trinkner
Phillip Wadds
Kevin Walby
Ian Warren
Don Weatherburn
Leanne Weber
Sarah Wendt
Jason White
Harley Williamson
Simon Winlow
Rebecca Wong
Mark Wood
Alison Young
Yan Zhang
Reviewer list
Journal of Criminology
2022, Vol. 55(2) 143143
© The Author(s) 2022
Article reuse guidelines:
DOI: 10.1177/26338076221092498

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