Ant & Dec awards proof of bad telly

Publication Date13 Sep 2021
The fact that a & d have won 20 years in a row just shows how s**te all the other presenters must be. Gary Swindon

Ant n Dec winning yet another award at the NTAs just shows how far down the pan tv has gone. Sue G.


So Pratt and Dick win yet again at the NTV awards.. total fix.. aren't they bored of constantly winning!! Give someone better a chance. jellyhead–just shows the public have no taste voting for the boring talentless Ant & Dec at the National Television Awards. It's getting very embarrassing now. Wise Ged–yawn nta awards its riged arse and dik win again wot do they do and bruce award 4a phone in show its rigged. paul r surrey

How low can ITV get lettin that unfunny so-called comic Joel Dommett present NTAS awards & theses from that load of crap show Love Island at it. mick–must agree with Bushell question of sport is rubbish Paddy has no...

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