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Published date01 September 1964
Date01 September 1964
Subject MatterArticles
- Abendlindische Akademie, Des europdische
attempt is made to break comparatively new
Erbe in der heutigen Welt. Nuremberg,
Abendlindische Akademie E.V., 1963.
3 04 pages.
- Argyris, Chris, Integrating the Indi24dual
and the
Among the contributions collected in this vol-
Organization. London, Wøey,
1964. x &
ume, the most noteworthy from our point of
330 pages, 4 S s.
view are on European assistance for political,
One of the most important problems of modern
cultural, and economic development in Africa
organizational science is the problem of individual
(Anton Langenfeld) and in South America (Fritz
integration into an organization in order to obtain
von Twardowski), and on the possibilities and
the best performances and the highest efficiency.
limitations of European aid to development (Karl
Some ten years ago already, Mr. Argyris published
Atzenroth) followed by a discussion.
a similar study. He now presents the theme in a
revised version taking into account its further
developments and the necessity to handle the prob-
- Agger, Robert E.; Goldrich, Daniel &
Swanson, Bert E., The Rulers and the
lem with a new approach. Finding that the evi-
Ruled : political power and impotence in
dence increasingly points to the organization as the
American communities. London, Wiley,
inherent cause of human problems, he attempts
xx &
clarify the trouble areas
pages, 60s.
(e.g. personnel man-
agement, controls, reward and penalty systems),
A work that might be described as micro-
and develops some theorizing as to how organiza-
in that it attempts to construct a
tions might be redesigned in order to achieve a
theory and science of politics on the basis of
better balance.
communities considered as microcosms of the
national political system. The method consists
- Avril, Pierre, Le
in describing and
régime politique de to
comparing the political systems
of four communities since the Second World War.
Réfruhliqu. Paris, Librairie g6nirale
de droit et de
They have been chosen
jurisprudence, 1964. iii &
so as to provide a sample
398 pages, F.Frs.44.40.
to reflect a group of general and particular
problems. On this basis, which is made unreal-
A work of this kind obviously cannot be
istic to the extent necessary for the samples to
entirely impersonal and unprejudiced, and is ne-
agree with one another, political realities and
cessarily the expression of opinions. One is in-
incentives are extensively examined. The book is
clined to feel that it is a pity for so much ability
interesting in several respects and certainly claims
to have been expended on a topic that is, perhaps,
not yet ready for treatment.
This does not mean that Mr. Avril does not
- Amselek, Paul, Mithode phénoménologique
attempt to be fair in his frequently harsh ap-
et thiorie du , droit. Paris, Librairie g6n6-
praisal of the French political regime and its ten-
rale de droit et de jurisprudence, 1964.
dencies. In such a field, fairness is always relative
vi &
464 pages, F.Frs.57.50.
and, ultimately, the issue will be settled

Volume II of the a Bibliothique de philosophie
du droit ~, a new series which, incidentally, fills
- Baade, Fritz
et al., Handbuch der Ent-
gap in the French literature on the subject.
wincklungshil f e. Baden-Baden, Lutzeyer,
After a general introduction which places the
1964. Serial pagination, 6 volumes.
relations between the philosophy of law and the
science of law in a new perspective in terms of
This publication in loose-leaf binders is the
the prevailing trends of present-day philosophical
first systematic work covering the whole subject
thought, the phenomenology of law and of legal
of aid to developing countries and containing
theory are dealt with separately. A successful
detailed information about it. The first part is a

series of monographs on forty-six developing
This second volume lives up to the promise of
countries or territories in Africa, Latin America,
the first, reviewed in our No. 1/1962.
Asia, or Oceania. Each contains particulars about
introduction explains the position of the admin-
the political, economic, financial, and even ad-
istrative courts as compared with that of the
ministrative position, not to mention anthropo-
ordinary courts and the administrative authorities.
geographic data. It is exceptionally informative.
The chapters which follow are devoted to an
The second part deals with assistance provided by
examination of the administrative courts (Coun-
the industrialized countries, with an analysis of
cil of State, Court of Audit, and permanent, ad
the aid supplied by the Federal Republic of Ger-
hoc or special adjudicatory boards of various
many, the other countries being dealt with by
kinds), and adjudicatory administrative organs
regions (European countries, countries outside
of central government, the adjudicatory institu-
Europe, Eastern countries). The third part gives
tions attached to local government administra-
a very full picture of assistance provided by inter-
tion, the organization of appeals in the public
national institutions (worldwide organizations,
services and agencies (appeals in matters of disci-
supranational or international organizations on
pline or affecting the careers of officials employed
the regional level, and regional multilateral or-
by the State, by local authorities, by the police
ganizations for Latin America, Africa, and Asia),
force, and by pubiic enterprises under State super-
or in connection with various agreements, or
vision, and the organization of the adjudicatory
through voluntary international organizations.
councils of professional associations. Mr. Cam-
This large and well-documented publication is
survey will occupy a place of honour among
Belgian law books specializing in this subject.
most impressive. It should have a place not only
in the libraries of government departments con-
cerned with external aid, but perhaps even more
- Castagn6, Jean, Le contr6le juridictionnel
in those of enterprises engaged in technical co-
de la légalité des actes de police adminis-
In any case, it is an admirable
trative. Paris, Librairie ginirale de droit
et de jurisprudence, 1964. iv &
216 pages,
Bloch, Roger, L’entre~rise remise en ques-
A thesis on the notion of acte de police admi-
tion - L’entreprise frublique et privte dons
nistrative and on the forms and scope of the
le domaine des transports en Europe Occi-
judicial control of the legality of such acts in
dentale. Paris, Librairie générale de droit
France. This control devolves, as the case may
de jurisprudence, 1964. 211 pages,
be, on the administrative courts or the ordinary
F.Frs.2 S .8 0.
courts, and it affects an essential part of the
machinery for safeguarding the public freedoms,
The survey deals essentially with public enter-
which are necessarily involved by the exercise of
prise which, in the field of transport, is tending
the police power. The court decisions of the last
to predominate. The outline of what might be
twenty years are analyzed and their trends de-
described as the background is divided into two
The author notes the diffidence of the
parts, one of which is devoted to air and rail
ordinary courts in these matters, and supplies
transport enterprises in the Netherlands, Ger-
other data to round off a consistent and well-
many, Italy, Belgium, and Luxembourg, and
conducted survey which may be looked upon as
France and Britain, and the other to urban trans-
an important contribution to general thinking
port in London and Paris. A
special part broaches
about police
problem of the -
more or less marked -
socialization of the European economies. The con-
- Chanrion, Fernand, Une victoire euro-
may be summed up in the statement that
the change-over from private to public enterprise
Pienne : la Moselle. Paris, Berger-Levrault,
has provided
1964. 184
no valid solution to the question of
pages, F.Frs.15.
the reorganization of enterprises considered as
That the completion of the Mosel Canal has
a decision-making centres ’.
Appendixes giving
been a victory for the European community is
examples of what has been accomplished or of
clearly shown by this lively first-hand account
organizational structures provide further parti-
of the origins of the project and the progress of
the work. The book also gives deep insights into
one of the earliest European common achieve-
Cambier, Cyr, Principes du contentieux
ments, started after lengthy and laborious nego-
administratif - Tome II : Les juridictions
tiations and brought to a successful conclusion
admi~istratives et les organes d’administra-
after many vicissitudes. For both those reasons,
tion ~ontentiexse. Brussels, Larcier, 1964.
it deserves a wide circulation, particularly in view
f ; 2 pages, B.Frs.800.
of the valuable experience acquired.

- Charnay, Jean-Paul, Le contr6le de la ri-
of such remedies.
« Guarantee systems under
gulariti des ilections frarlementllires. Paris,
which a fixed sum is paid as compensation are
Librairie ginirale de droit et de jurispru-
compared with the civil law governing liability,
dence, 1964. iii &
447 pages, F.Frs. S 2. S 0.
particularly by drawing parallels between the
various institutions that pay benefits and make
After explaining the foundations and legal
use of the remedies in question and of...

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