Christian Brands Acquires Alfred Mainzer Card Company.

M2 EQUITYBITES-January 28, 2022-Christian Brands Acquires Alfred Mainzer Card Company


Arizona, US-based distribution, importing and manufacturing firm Christian Brands of Phoenix has acquired the Alfred Mainzer Greeting Card Co of Long Island City, NY, the company said.

Alfred Mainzer was founded in 1938 and is a family owned and operated company focused on providing exceptional Catholic and Christian greeting cards as well as a full line of Christmas Cards.

For over eighty-four years Alfred Mainzer has solidified its position as the market leader in die cut, gold stamped greeting cards printed in Europe.

What once started as a vintage post card line with just a handful of products has flourished into a collection of over 600 devout greetings that have become the gold standard for Catholic paper cards and seasonal gift giving.

The Mainzer team has had huge success in leading a brand that embraces scriptural verses with heartfelt messages that combine spiritual imagery with pious phrasing that has been a part of Catholic retailing for decades.

For many years the Mainzer...

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