Covid Scotland: Everything Nicola Sturgeon said today at Scottish Parliament

Publication Date16 November 2021
AuthorChristina O'Neill
Publication titleGlasgowLive (Scotland)
Ministers have discussed whether the scheme should be expanded to include more businesses and hospitality venues, and a final decision is to be made at the First Minister's statement next Tuesday.

Ms Sturgeon confirmed the kinds of settings in scope for the expansion would include indoor cinemas, theatres, and some other licensed and hospitality premises. It comes after Wales expanded its scheme to include theatres, cinemas and concert halls along with night time venues yesterday.

She added that the use of testing as an alternative to proof of vaccination to gain entry into venues will also be kept under review.

Everything Nicola Sturgeon said at Holyrood

"I will give an update on the latest Covid situation, and provide an assessment of the current course of the pandemic.

"First, though, today's statistics.

"2,771 positive cases were reported yesterday – 12.8% of all tests carried out. 779 people are in hospital with Covid – 8 more than yesterday.

"And 57 people are in intensive care, which is the same as yesterday.

"Sadly, a further 17 deaths have been reported in the past 24 hours, which takes the total number of deaths registered under the daily definition, to 9,406.

"I want once again to send my condolences to everyone who has lost a loved one. More positively, the vaccination programme continues to make good progress. I can confirm that 4,331,574 people have received a first dose and 3,930,317 have had both doses. In total, 88% of all those over 18 are now fully vaccinated with two doses.

"In addition, 76% of 16 & 17 year olds, and 56% of 12 to 15 year olds, have had a first dose. Until now, only a single dose has been recommended for these age groups.

"However, following yesterday's updated advice from the JCVI, we are now preparing to offer second doses to 16 & 17 year olds.

"I will say more about the progress of the booster programme later.

"However, it is worth pointing out that on first, second, booster and third doses, Scotland is currently the most vaccinated part of the UK.

"That is down to the incredible hard work of everyone involved in organising and delivering the programme and I want to record my thanks to each and every one of them.

Presiding Officer, today's weekly update coincides with the latest three-week review point for the remaining Covid regulations.

"And so I can confirm that at our meeting earlier today the Cabinet agreed to keep the current regulations in place, with no immediate changes.

"However, we also considered - though we have not yet reached final decisions on - the possibility of future changes to the Covid certification scheme and I will say more about that shortly.

"The numbers reported in recent days here in Scotland - which I'll come on to talk about in more detail - illustrate the need for continued precautions.

"So too does the challenging situation being experienced again across Europe. Several European countries are currently dealing with a sharp increase in cases.

"Infection rates in Germany have reached their highest level since the pandemic started. The Netherlands reintroduced some Covid measures last week. Ireland has done so today. And Austria has just introduced extremely tough restrictions on people who aren't fully vaccinated.

"All of this is a reminder that governments everywhere are grappling with the same issues and dilemmas we are.

"The threats posed by Covid are still with us - even though they have been mitigated by vaccination - and the race between the virus and the vaccines has not yet been won.

"The situation in Scotland also bears that out.

"Before I give an update on the overall trends in Scotland, I will say a few words about the impact of recent events in Glasgow.

"I will reflect more generally on COP26 in a further statement to parliament later today.

"However, while we can't yet draw final conclusions, I can confirm that there is no sign so far of any significant spike in...

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