AuthorOren Ben-Dor
PositionProfessor of Law and Philosophy
As the coord inat or of the Legal Research an d Writin g Module, it gives m e
great pleasure to intr oduce this Special Dissertation issue of the Southam pton
Student Law Review. The LLB 10, 000 word dissertation, celebrated in this
volume, has been one of the pillars of our LLB pr ogr amm e and testifies to
both th e uniquen ess of the programme an d to the sheer awar en ess, talent an d
research skills of our gradu ates. Supervised by our full-time mem bers of staff,
th e dissertation is a compu lsory modu le that involves ind epen den t research by
th ird year LLB stu dents on an y topic of th eir ch oice.
But the creative process really starts upon studentsfirst arrival at
Southampt on . With our unique first year Legal System and Reason in g
Module in th e fir st year students get u nparalleled hands-on in troduction to
essentia l legal skills, styles of writ ings and legal argu men t as well as ta sters for
many critical interdisciplinary per sp ect ives that enrich th e m anner legal texts
can be looked at. This ethos contin ues with ou r way of teaching the core
modu les during the first and second year and the rich ran ge of opt ions during
the third. Our students become insightful an d confiden t to construct or igin al
doctrinal and theoretical problem s as well as competent in the pursuit of
cut ting edge and in dependent research n eeded to traverse them. Our m ootin g
and present ation t ask enhan ce student argum entat ive and persuasion skills.
In sum, th is d issertation testifies t o the critical an d friendly academic
com mun ity at South ampton Law School.
This special issue pu blishes seven outstan ding dissertations that were written
by our third year und ergraduates. They range from Information Technology
Law, Intellectual Proper ty Law, Tort , Medical Ethics and EU Law. Each of
them is exem plary in expression, con nection an d design and evid en ces the
ability to draw trends of arguments from wide range of mat erials; distil
questions that cut across legal fields and com bine gen eral issues in
Jur isprud en ce and political th eory with legal doctrin e. I hope th at you en joy
th ese gem s.
I would like to thank contributors for their terrific pieces, t o all members of
staff whose dedicated inspiration an d supervision m ade this possible an d to
Joy Caisley, our Law Librarian who offered u nparalleled guidance an d support
in using library resou rces throughout th e LLB and in the Legal Research and
Writing Module. Last but n ot least to Louise Cheung, Em ma Nottin gham an d
Thomas Webber an d all oth er mem bers of the editorial team of SSLR for their
dedica ted work.
Oren Ben-Dor
Prof essor of Law and Philosoph y
Decem ber 2012

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