AuthorHazel Biggs
PositionProfessor of Healthcare Law & Bioethics, Head of Southampton Law School
This year’s edition of the Southam pton St udent Law Review once again
contains an eclectic m ix of paper s that reflect th e wide variety of research
int er ests prevalent in Sou thampton Law School. The com bination of
theoretical an d doctr in al analyses contained in this volum e is testimony to
depth of knowledge and the expertise of Southampt on ’s gradu ates an d
un dergra duates . This work has oft en been produced alongside th e top ics bein g
studied formally and is generated by a love of th e subject an d deep cur iosity
about the ways in wh ich the law op erat es in court an d in societ y.
The auth ors selected for inclusion expose some fun damen tal issues and
tensions wit hin the law today. For in st ance, theoretical questions are raised
about the application of Foucault’s theories to the law and what they reveal
about the operation of power , wh ile the role of law in relation to the Human
Rights Act 1998, the Court of Ju stice, and the rule of law with regard to the
constitution al place of the judiciary are also assessed at length. More con crete
concerns from th e commercial world are addr essed in pa pers abou t the legal
rules that apply to hostile takeovers and the complex operation of m arket
practices. As one might expect from a Sou thampton Law School publication,
th ere is also a p aper that explores some recen t developments in Mar itime Law,
locatin g them clearly within their commercial context. And, reflecting anoth er
of the School’s stren gths, issues involvin g the law’s ap proach to asbestos
exposure an d hu man health are discussed in detail in a paper that critiques
recent ca se law on the subject.
I am delighted to h ave had the opportunity to review this latest edition of the
Southam pton Student Law Review. I hope and exp ect that everyone who
discover s it will find it an enlightenin g rea d.
Ha zel Big gs
Prof essor of Healthcare Law & Bioethics
Head of Southam pton Law School
July 20 13

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