AuthorHazel Biggs
PositionProfessor of Healthcare Law & Bioethics Head of Southampton Law School
As always this year’s edition of the Southampton Student Law Review contains an
exciting mixture of papers reflecting a wide variety of research interests. For the first
time this year it also includes papers from external contributors, which will broaden
the range of the articles and also help to raise awareness of the work beyond the
confines of the Southampton community.
This issue focuses broadly on areas of commercial law, spanning the Rotterdam
Rules, free movement of goods, copyright law and issues surrounding insurance and
re-insurance. The authors offer analyses of these issues from a largely doctrinal
perspective and develop critiques based on their own interpretations of the areas
they problematise. For instance, the controversy surrounding the impact on the UK
standard of originality in relation to copyright following EU provisions for
harmonisation is discussed in detail, exposing concerns about the judicial approach
to this area. Similarly, a comparative analysis of UK and Australian law surrounding
the duty of disclosure in insurance contracts, reveals concerns about the probity and
effectiveness of the UK provisions. Insurance law in the context of pollution is also
the focus of a case comment on the decision of the House of Lords in Wasa
International Insurance Co Ltd v Lexington Insurance Co [2009] UKHL 40, that the
reinsurers were not liable to indemnify the insurers. There is a cluster of pieces on
the related issues of free movement of goods and carriage of goods by sea and the
Rotterdam Rules, which together explore some fundamental questions about the
nature of law in this area and whether it is about discrimination and anti-
protectionism about economic freedom. It will be interesting to see whether the
expectation that the Rotterdam Rules will be ratified eventually comes to fruition.
I am once again impressed by the standard of work produced by the students who
have contributed to this volume of the Southampton Student Law Review. I would
like to thank the editors for their hard work in its production, and commend the
authors for their diligence and scholarship.
Hazel Biggs
Professor of Healthcare Law & Bioethics
Head of Southampton Law School
July 2015

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