Foreword to the first edition

AuthorRupert Jackson
1 Like the author, I use the phrase “English law” as shorthand for “the law of England and Wales”.
is is no ordinary or pedestrian book on “building contract law”. It is a tour de force.
e book provides a lucid comparative study of English1 and Australian construction
law. It is logically structured, written with clarity and geared to the needs of practitioners
in the twenty-rst century. e book is focused on principles rather than cases. e
vast majority of authorities cited are consigned to footnotes. e book also contains a
comprehensive outline of the relevant statute law (a) in England and Wales and (b) in
the Australian States and Territories.
As may be gathered from the previous paragraph, I have read the text of this book
with considerable admiration. Instead of drafting a lengthy screed on construction law
(my views on which can be found in some of the judgments cited by the author), I shall
limit this foreword to making a single prediction. When the quality of this work comes
to be appreciated (a process which for any new textbook may take a number of months)
it will gain wide and rapid currency. By the time this book goes into its second edition,
it will have become a standard work of reference for busy practitioners across England,
Wales and Australia.
Rupert Jackson
Royal Courts of Justice
London WC2A 2LL
12 April 2011

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