Preface to the third edition

AuthorJulian Bailey
2 Primary reference is made to the domestic version of the SIA form in the third edition of this book.
e objective of the third edition of this book is the same as that of the second, namely
to set out the laws applicable to construction in England and Wales, Australia, Hong
Kong and Singapore. is edition of the book provides, in essence, an update to the
previous edition, to accommodate the changes to the construction law panorama in the
intervening four years. And many changes there have been.
Standard forms
New standard forms have been published. e JCT forms were updated in 2016. In
2017, FIDIC introduced a new suite of contracts, replacing the 1999 suite, and also in
that year NEC3 was replaced by NEC4. In Singapore, the SIA published new forms
of Building Contract (being domestic and international versions)2 in 2016. e third
edition of this book therefore considers these updated forms, although as a matter of
general observation it may be noted that the changes to each of these forms have largely
been incremental, not revolutionary. Perhaps this is an indication of general market sat-
isfaction with the provisions of these forms, which are widely used.
English law has seen relatively minor legislative development in the last four years in
the construction law eld. It was, however, expected that seismic movements would
have occurred by now – at least from a constitutional perspective – in view of the UK’s
proposed exit from the European Union. As is all-too-well known, “Brexit” has been
beset by delays, and at the time of writing Brexit is yet to break from its (seemingly
interminable) holding pattern. It is hoped that by the time of publication of the fourth
edition of this book there will be clarity as to the constitutional future of the United
Kingdom in relation to the EU. For now, however, England is aected by European laws,
so the references to those laws will be maintained.
In Australia, there have been recent modications to security of payment and adjudica-
tion laws. In Queensland, the Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017

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