Indian Genes Podcast - A Great Success Story.

M2 PRESSWIRE-July 10, 2020-: Indian Genes Podcast - A Great Success Story



If you have not yet got onto this podcast then now is the time. Coming out of India and setting records in its genre of Science & Education, this podcast is the new trailblazer.

With its latest episode release with Wing Commander Rakesh Sharma, this has set a new high with regards to downloads, it has crossed 5000 downloads in just 3 days and rapidly growing since release, an amazing achievement, considering this has not happened before here in India.

So let's take a step back and try to understand the Indian Genes Podcast success story.

Podcasts in India are on the rise with consumption now growing for well-produced and interesting content, so how do you analyze the numbers for a podcast before tagging it as viral or a chart-topper. It's all about authentic numbers and downloads as proof of success and following. Libsyn which is the global leader in Podcast hosting and distribution with names like The Joe Rogan Experience have set very clear benchmarks based on analysis conducted on all previous download data.

This is based on the number of downloads in its first month of release a podcast is able to generate. More than 136 downloads put you in the top 50% of podcasts, more than 1100 downloads and you are in the top 20%, more than 3200 downloads put you right up there in the top 10% bracket, above 7700 get you to the top 5% spot and downloads greater than 20,000 and 36000 and you are a STAR podcast getting you the 5% or top 1% slot

Considering the above matrix, the numbers that have been notched up by the Indian Genes Podcast are staggering putting them right into the 10% slot and climbing in just 3 days. Another factor considered when analyzing podcast performances is the actual number of people that consume any particular genre and Science and Education having a much smaller audience compared to Entertainment and Sports, which forms most of the above matrix put out by Libsyn, you begin to understand the impact and reach of this podcast.

So what has actually worked for the Indian Genes Podcast, for one it's the content that is outstanding and with its credible and reliable guests from academic and institutional backgrounds? Another factor is its very highly engaged following on Instagram and social media.

This has worked with students and nonexperts as the range of topics are wide and appeals to different listeners, as...

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