Mark's parking mad over fine

Publication Date21 January 2022
Publication titleDumfries & Galloway Standard
Mark Shrimpton received the penalty charge notice while parked outside his home near Mouswald

He left his home around 7am to walk his dog but when he returned an hour later, the ticket was on his windscreen.

Mr Shrimpton, 62, is now disputing the fine and insists he'd rather have his day in court than cough up.

He said: "The ticket said I was parked on an unlit road without lights during the hours of darkness, but I've parked in the exact same spot for 22 years without a problem.

"I've always parked there because my wife and daughter park their cars in the drive and there's no space for mine.

"I live just outside Mouswald between the village and the A75 and it's the only house on the street. It's a country road used by milk tankers and HGVs that get by no problem.

"The police pass my house at least twice every day on their way back and forth from doing speed checks on the

A75 and this is the first time I've ever had a ticket.

"I contacted police who said once a ticket has been issued, it can't be revoked, so it will need to go to court because I won't pay.

"I need to know one way or another what the situation is as I could potentially receive a parking ticket every day for the rest of my life, even though I haven't had one since."

Mr Shrimpton, who works at Alpha Solway in Annan, added: "Maybe if the police had knocked on my door before issuing the ticket, it could have been resolved without a ticket.

"I could have told them I've parked there for 22 years and despite police cars passing every day, it's never been a problem before."

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