Ops that left patients indeep Zorro

Published date11 March 2023
Publication titleDaily Star (England)
While there's plenty of ops which go swimmingly, medical malpractice is more common than you might realise. Here KIM CARR reveals 10 ops gone wrong

1 Retired heavy equipment operator Willie King went into Florida's University Community Hospital in 1995 to have a leg amputated due his diabetes. He was stunned to wake and find the wrong one had been taken off so he was forced to have another op and learn to walk on prosthetics. Surgeon Rolando Sanchez and the hospital paid over £1million combined in compensation. 2 Making his mark on the world by bringing new life into it wasn't enough for Dr Allan Zarkin, who carved his initials into the stomach of Beth Israel while performing a caesarean section. He was reported to have said: "I did such a beautiful job, I'll initial that." Fellow hospital staff nicknamed him "Dr Zorro".

3 A photographer for the Miami Herald, Bob East, had a real eye for capturing important moments. When he was diagnosed with corneal cancer he offered his eye to science but sadly lost his life. A medic accidently injected him with eye preservative after picking up the wrong vial rendering him brain dead. He passed five days later. 4New

Yorker Enrique Ruiz was burned while getting a tracheotomy after an electronic scalpel made the oxygen explode leaving him with second degree burns so serious he nearly died.

5 Original supermodel Linda Evangelista went for a cosmetic CoolSculpting procedure which disfigured her for life and led to fat cells in her face multiplying instead of reducing. 6 On a quest to start a family Thomas and Nancy...

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