Recent Book: As I Was Saying

Date01 October 1985
Published date01 October 1985
Subject MatterRecent Book
C. H. ROLPH: 'As I Was Saying'.
London: Police Review Publishing Company Limited, £6.95.
For the last 50 years the author has been a regular columnist for the Police
Review and a prolific writer of interesting topical material for other publications.
The fact that he has also found enough time to write over 20 books indicates an
insatiable love of the pen and a livelyinterest in crime related matters, the latter
obviously stemming from his 25 years in the City of London Police from which he
retired in 1946 as a chief inspector.
The book under review takes the form of a miscellany of short articles which
have graced the columns of Police Review between 1940 and 1985, interspersed
with gems from such publications as Punch. The Spectator. The Listener and The
New Statesman.
C. H. Rolph writes well; he should, with all the practice he's had, and his often
searching comments on issues great and small provide a fascinating review of the
last 40 years or so as seen through the eyes of a keen observer. The book's value as
a historical record cannot be ignored, for the changing patterns of policing
philosophy and methods unfold as the pages turn. Who will replace himas a diarist
of merit when eventually his pen runs dry? E.D.
London: Shaw &Sons. £4.95.
How refreshing to find a small, easy to manage book that deals so professionally
with the world of firearms.
With the continual introduction of new Acts like the Deer Act 1980 and the
Firearms Act 1982, there is an abundance of law and facts that have to be learnt
and understood by both Police Officers and sportsmen alike.
I found the book easy to read and interesting in its explanation of what has been
in the past a somewhat complicated and intricate subject.
I was particularly impressed with its coverage of "Imitation Weapons", "Young
People and Guns" and its explanation of the Firearms Law - the best I have read.
is well indexed which I am sure will highlight its popularity as a valuable
reference book to all concerned.
An excellent publication and certainly a "must" for Police Officers with their
examinations ahead of them and for any person who uses, or intends to use, a
firearm. I. MONTGOMERY
P. F. SMITH and S. H. BAILEY: The Modern English Legal System.
London: Sweet and Maxwell Ltd. £16.
A very readable, comprehensive analysis of the Modern English Legal System
which concentrates on present day legal machinery. The reader is introduced in the
separate chapters on Courts, Lawyers and Judges in
I to the personnel
involved in the legal process and its structure. Events occuring prior to trial,
including resolution of disputes without recourse to the formal legal process, are
dealt with in Part II.
Civil and criminal pre-trial and trial proceedings are covered in detail in Parts III
and IV, while special attention is given to county courts, tribunals, legal aid and
costs. Post trial considerations are discussed in
V with special chapters on
remedies, sentencing, appeal and judicial review.
The substantial number of biographical references are stimulus to further
interest and reading. A must for any police officer wishing to understand the
realities of the contemporary legal system. KEN RUSSELL
October /985 363

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