Supporting South Sudan on the Path to Peace: The View of a United Nations Volunteer.

M2 PRESSWIRE-October 22, 2021-: Supporting South Sudan on the Path to Peace: The View of a United Nations Volunteer



One thing is abundantly clear:everyone is tired of the war. The people cry and hope for peace.

This is the feeling that will linger with United Nations Volunteer, Marko Miljevic, as he prepares to leave South Sudan after four years of service as a Civil Affairs Officer.

Originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Marko Miljevic joined the United Nations Mission in South Sudan at a time when the country was emerging from the 2016 violence and beginning its long journey towards peace and recovery.

"At that time, I realized that the very idea of peace seemed almost mythical to most citizens in South Sudan. This was understandable given the country had been experiencing conflict for a protracted period of time," he says. "However, one thing has remained clear and true -- there is limitless potential for development once peace is established in this resource-rich country."

This potential has inspired him throughout his time in South Sudan.

"With a particular focus on protecting civilians, all my efforts have been geared towards communicating with parties to the conflict and bringing them together to mutually identify community-led solutions," he says.

I have met many people, ranging from government representatives to women traders in the local towns and villages as well as 'monyomiji' (youth) from different tribes to discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by the peace process.

Most of his days are spent in continuous dialogue on the value of peace and the pathways to achieving it. One project he is particularly proud of is bringing together youth from the Imurok Payam to engage in peacebuilding through sports and art.

What stood out to me was the huge turnout and enthusiasm of the communities during the event. More than 200 people turned up and demonstrated tremendous spirit and a sense of togetherness. It was clear that they were tired of fighting and desperately wanted peace so they could rebuild their lives.

While he is deeply passionate about his work, there have also been many challenges.

Deeply rooted customs mixed with low educational attainment presented major...

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