Tale of hero Haggis has Scot the lot

Publication Date14 January 2022
Publication titlePaisley Daily Express
Anti-sectarian charity Nil by Mouth is behind the Neeps and Tatties work, which they hope can be rolled out to primary schools across Renfrewshire

Schools have already signed up to receive free copies of the work, which features the tale of two warring vegetable tribes who are finally encouraged to put their past differences behind them in a bid to build a better future.

Created by author Carey Morning and illustrator Anna York and featuring an unlikely hero in character Haggis, the book aims to promote equality and uses the Scots language.

A host of Paisley schools - including Heriot, Glencoats, Langcraigs, St Peter's, Williamsburgh, Todholm and St Mary's primaries - have already signed up to join the Neeps and Tatties project ahead of Burns Night on January 25.

The equality charity has pledged to make hundreds of copies of the storybook - which examines issues such as discrimination and prejudice, highlighting how old grievances can be overcome by a new generation.

Nil by Mouth director Dave Scott visited Paisley recently with the story's Haggis hero to raise awareness of the campaign and hopes it will encourage the dual benefits of helping children to think about overcoming division, while encouraging a greater appreciation of Scots.

Dave said: "It's great that this project is gathering momentum in Paisley, an area where we have always been warmly welcomed into schools and we hope that every primary in the area will claim their free books.

"So much of our work challenging...

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