Published date13 August 2023
Publication titlePeople, The
Amit Lohia's business interests include a Russian textiles plant and one of Asia's largest petrochemical producers

Green Party deputy leader Zack Polanski blasted: "It's shameful that the party of government has been taking donations from a Russian-linked petrochemicals executive, 18 months after Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine."

Indian-born Mr Lohia, 48, is vice chairman of Indorama Corporation, which was founded by his billionaire father, and a non-executive director at Indorama Ventures.

The firm is a majority shareholder of global hygiene fabrics firm Avgol, which has a production line in the Tula Oblast region, 120 miles south of Moscow, says climate investigations website DeSmog.

There is no suggestion of wrong- doing by Mr Lohia or Avgol but the Prime Minister has accused opponents of new North Sea oil and gas licences of supporting "Russian jobs".

Mr Lohia's donation to the Tories' election war chest, registered in March, was the second largest this year, according to the Electoral Commission.

It followed a £5million injection into Conservative coffers in January from another tycoon exposed for business dealings with Russia.

Billionaire Mohamed Mansour, who served in the government of late

Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak, became senior treasurer of the Tory party in 2022.

''It's that the in power taken from a We reported in January that he co-owned UK-based...

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