Building Construction Regulations in UK Law

Leading Cases
  • Dennis v Charnwood Borough Council
    • Court of Appeal (Civil Division)
    • 29 July 1982

    And sixthly, time begins to run in favour of a local authority before danger or discomfort ensues to the occupiers of the building if the building suffers damage or an event occurs which reveals the breach of duty by the local authority or which would cause a prudent owner-occupier to make investigations which, if properly carried out, would reveal the breach of duty by that local authority.

  • Astellas Pharma Inc. v Comptroller General of Patents
    • Chancery Division (Patents Court)
    • 31 July 2009

    Furthermore, I agree that there is a distinction between the scope of protection and the question of infringement. As to Farmitalia, it is not clear to me that the ECJ either endorsed or rejected the infringement test in that case. Nevertheless, I agree with Kitchin J that there are arguments in favour of the infringement test which do not appear to have been considered in Takeda and which merit consideration by a higher court and perhaps the ECJ.

  • Gray v Fire Alarm Fabrication Services Ltd and Others
    • Queen's Bench Division
    • 03 March 2006

    In the result I have reached the conclusion that although stray remarks may possibly have been made by various persons at different times during the meeting, perhaps as an aside or a casual observation, no one made it clear to Mr Butler that he was not to proceed with the third option of external cabling, and that he left the meeting reasonably under the impression that it was for FAFS to decide which route to pursue.

    In my judgment this was a wholly unwarranted assumption on Mr Lewis's part and, of course, completely the reverse of the true contractual situation.

    Thistle either knew or ought to have known that FAFS' employees had been in the habit of going out on to the roof for repairs to the system over the past quarter . In my view Thistle owed a duty to FAFS and their employees to make the true position plain beyond any doubt and that they failed, on my findings, to do. In my judgment this failure was negligent conduct on their part and contributed in some measure to the death of Mr Gray.

  • Jones v Environcom Ltd and Another
    • Queen's Bench Division (Commercial Court)
    • 15 April 2010

    The rationale for the imposition of these duties on a broker is that it is an unusual obligation for a contracting party, and an area of the law which can have harsh consequences, not least because any non-disclosure relied upon by the underwriter to avoid the policy may have no causative significance as regards the claim that will as a result not be paid. This makes it all the more important that the lay client is told of the paramount duty to disclose and what it involves.

  • R v Soneji (Kamlesh Kumar)
    • Court of Appeal (Criminal Division)
    • 20 June 2003

    Failure to address the question whether the circumstances could properly be described as exceptional and to make a finding to that effect is in our judgment fatal to the upholding of these confiscation orders. We would respectfully seek to sustain the principle that confiscation orders should not be quashed for mere defects in procedure.

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Books & Journal Articles
  • An `Irreversible Conquest'? Colonial and Postcolonial Land Law in Israel/Palestine
    • No. 12-3, September 2003
    • Social & Legal Studies
    ... ... ), deploying the complex land laws and regulations which it inherited and modified from the Ottoman ... British colonial experience, contributed building blocks for the Israeli state. The colonialist l construction of communal and individual land rights, and the ... ...
  • Table of statutory instruments
    • Construction Law. Volume I - Third Edition
    • Julian Bailey
    • 517-533
    ... ... United Kingdom ... Building (approved Inspectors etc) regulations (SI ... Construction and Engineering Disputes III.24.92, ... ...
  • Statutory regulation of work
    • Construction Law. Volume III - Third Edition
    • Julian Bailey
    • 1433-1466
    ... ... controls 1436 (ii) Private controls on building activity 1438 Building regulations – generally ... Published industry standards 1460 EU construction products laws 1461 (i) Introduction 1461 (ii) ... ...
  • OPTIC — multimedia product information for the construction industry
    • No. 12-2, February 1994
    • The Electronic Library
    • 119-125
    The OPTIC (Optical Product and Technical Information for Construction) multimedia system is being developed as an aid to specifiers in the construction industry. It is based on the European EPIC (E...
    ... ... ) project to develop a new classification scheme for the building products used in construction and civil engineering, and which also has ... of the EC Construc-tion Products Directive and national regulations. In addition to the problem of the information required, the needs of the ... ...
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