Ecclesiastical Law in UK Law

  • Reviews
    • No. 43-1, January 1980
    • The Modern Law Review
    Law and Politics. The House of Lords as a Judicial Body 1800–1976. By Robert Stevens The Darker Reaches of Government. By Anthony Mathews Television, Censorship and the Law. By Colin R. Munro. The ...
    ... ... HALSBURY'S LAWS OF ENGLAND : ECCLESIASTICAL LAW; GENERAL IT is not often that a volume of Halsbury's Laws of England receives a review. That is a pity, because Halsbury ... ...
  • Secularizing a Religious Legal System: Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction in Early Eighteenth Century England
    • No. 8-1, July 2019
    • British Journal of American Legal Studies
    • Troy L. Harris
    • Associate Professor of Law, University of Detroit Mercy School of Law. J.D. (Michigan); Ph.D. (Chicago)
    • 1-36
    The early eighteenth-century English ecclesiastical courts are a case study in the secularization of a legal system. As demonstrated elsewhere, the courts were very busy. And yet the theoretical ju...
  • Dominium in Thirteenth and Fourteenth-Century Political Thought and its Seventeenth-Century Heirs: John of Paris and Locke
    • No. 33-1, March 1985
    • Political Studies
    Dominium, the notion of lordship, underwent important changes during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. An examination of the de potestate regia et papali genre, especially the tract by the D...
    ... ... known and used by seventeenth-century writers, especially Locke, whose library holdings and own tract ‘on civil and ecclesiastical power’ as well as his Second Treatise, express a debt to the de potestate regia et papali genre of the late scholastics. The ... ...
  • Void and Voidable Marriages
    • No. 27-4, July 1964
    • The Modern Law Review
    ... ... to be of a spiritual nature and a sacrament, was regulated by canon law which was administered by the ecclesiastical courts. By canon law a marriage was either valid and unimpeachable or else void ab initio,I and the concept of a ... ...
  • Parents Found Guilty of Neglect of Their Children
    • No. 5-6, November 1946
    • Probation Journal
    ... ... ecclesiastical law  ... guidancein domestic ... on the marriage ... matters in the home is  ... ...
  • Reports of Committees
    • No. 18-2, March 1955
    • The Modern Law Review
    ... ... REPORTS OF ,COMMITTEES PROPOSED REFORM OF THE ECCLESIASTICAL COURTS MANY lawyers would appear to be of the opinion that the church courts ceased to function altogether when ... ...
    • No. 23-2, March 1960
    • The Modern Law Review
    ... ... in fact decided that he could hear the petition because it had once been the practice of the ecclesiastical courts to assume jurisdiction over marriages celebrated in England. The reference to the ecclesiastical courts and the ... ...
  • Brexit MK II The Road from Rome in the 1530’s
    • Tales of Brexits Past and Present
    • Emerald
    • 61-72
    ... ... By 1529, hewas keen to obtain an annulment from his existing wife, Catherine ofAragon. For the ecclesiastical lawyers, it was unfortunate that the King’sdesire to change wife required ecclesiastical approval under one of the mat-ters specifically reserved ... ...
  • Books Received
    • No. 28-4, December 2001
    • Journal of Law and Society
    ... ... ), Fa mil y Law: I ssu es, De bat es, P olic y , Cullompton, Willan Publishing, 2001, £45.00 (hbk), £20.00 (pbk). Mark HILL, Ecclesiastical Law (2nd edn.), Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2001, £68.00. Tim HOPE and Richard SPARKS (eds.), Crime, Risk and Insecurity , London, ... ...
    • No. 36-3, September 2009
    • Journal of Law and Society
    ... ... This is precisely the approach taken in 423 3R ... Williams, `Civil and Religious Law in England ± A Religious Perspective' (2008) 10 Ecclesiastical Law J. 262±82. 4 See, for example, B. Jackson, ` ``Transformative Accommodation' ' and Religious Law' (2009) 11 Ecclesiastical Law J. 131±53 ... ...
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