Ecclesiastical Province in UK Law

  • Book Reviews
    • Núm. 8-1, March 1970
    • British Journal of Industrial Relations
    Book reviewed in this article: A Cmhrry of Pay by E. H. Phelps Brown with Margaret H. Browne Labor Theory by Richard Perlman Industrial Disputes: Essays in the Sociology of Industrial Relations by ...
    ...... REVIEWS 121 areas of analysis that are not normally the province of the labour econo- mist: growth models, monetary theory, the ... The Study of Ecclesiastical Adminhtration by Peter F. Rudge. Tavistock Publications in ......
  • Records management practices in the administration of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion)
    • Núm. 26-1, March 2016
    • Records Management Journal
    • 4-20
    Purpose: – The purpose of this study is to examine records management practices as factors influencing the administration of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion). Design/methodology/approach...
    ......It has become thesecond-largest province in the Anglican Communion, as measured by baptizedmembership, after the ...TheAnglican Church is organized into 14 ecclesiastical provinces. It has rapidly increasedthe number of its dioceses and bishops ......
  • The Inheritance Act and The Family
    • Núm. 6-4, December 1943
    • The Modern Law Review
    ...... adminis- trators under the supervision of the ecclesiastical courts. Holdsworth points out that these cou&, especially ose of the southern province, in which the legitim first disappeared, “had never at any ......
  • Reports of Committees
    • Núm. 18-2, March 1955
    • The Modern Law Review
    ...... REPORTS OF ,COMMITTEES PROPOSED REFORM OF THE ECCLESIASTICAL COURTS MANY lawyers would appear to be of the opinion ... 63). Above this comes the court of the province, picturesquely called the Court of Arches in the case of ......
    • Núm. 19-6, November 1956
    • The Modern Law Review
    ......, and afterwards under delegated powers by ecclesiastical lawyers.’ Their jurisdic- tion extended to divorces a ... husband when the wife alone is resident in the Province and the husband is not resident or domiciled in the ......
    • Núm. 33-5, September 1970
    • The Modern Law Review
    ...... Privy Council .to be assisted by assessors except in Admiralty proceedings, though until the reorganisation of the ecclesiastical courts in 1968 the Privy Council could hear ecclesiastical appeals with the assis- tance of archbishops and bishops of ......
  • The Kosovo Quagmire
    • Núm. 53-4, December 1998
    • International Journal
    ...... care about this) Kosovo was the geographical and ecclesiastical centre of the mediaeval Serbian empire. It reached its height ... 'ethnic cleansing': there is only a small corner of the province in which Serbs are a majority; the rest of the Serb popula- ......
  • Recent Developments In Nullity Jurisdiction
    • Núm. 20-6, November 1957
    • The Modern Law Review
    ...... This distinction was not drawn by the ecclesiastical courts the competence of which was in all cases deter- mined ... the domicile of the married woman squarely within the province of the lea forkB2 The burden of proof is to be on ......
  • Reviews
    • Núm. 31-2, March 1968
    • The Modern Law Review
    Changing Concepts of Crime and its Treatment. Edited and introduced by Hugh J. Klare Some Problems of the Constitution. By Geoffrey Marshall and G. C. Moodie. Fourth Edition. Equity and the Law of ...
    ...... This creatrd the Court of Ecclesiastical Causrs Reserved as a new court of trial (instead of the ... The only effective Convocation in the Province and two diocesan chancellors). penalty againet ......
  • Can Catholic Schools Be Administered Democratically?
    • Núm. 1-1, January 1963
    • Journal of Educational Administration
    • 35-42
    There is a persistent image of the Catholic Church as an authoritarian institution which is opposed to democratic practices. While it is true that the Church retains its right to be authoritarian i...
    ...... demo-cratic administration and the proper exercise of ecclesiastical or religious authority? If there is, then what are the disabili-ties? To ...It began with Leo XIII who declared that "it is not within the province (of the Church) to decide which is the best among diverse forms of ......
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