Hunting in UK Law

  • Hunting, Shooting and Fishing
    • Part III. Rights
    • The Law of the Manor - 2nd Edition
    • Christopher Jessel
    • 225-243
  • Privatising Regulation: Whistleblowing and Bounty Hunting in the Financial Services Industries
    • No. 8-4, February 2001
    • Journal of Financial Crime
    • 305-318
    In late 1999, Congress enacted financial modernisation legislation that dramatically deregulated the financial services industry and expanded the powers of financial institutions in the USA. In kee...
  • Imperial legacies and southern penal spaces: A study of hunting nomads in postcolonial India
    • No. 23-5, December 2021
    • Punishment & Society
    • 0000
    Southern penal spaces are marked by resemblances and affinities with colonial regimes of control, yet they also reflect quite distinctive postcolonial social and political dynamics found in the glo...
    • No. 65-4, December 1987
    • Public Administration
    • No. 43-2, May 1981
    • Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics
  • Change in parliamentary party systems and policy outcomes: Hunting the core
    • No. 26-2, April 2014
    • Journal of Theoretical Politics
    • 0000
    This paper shows that change in party systems within parliaments can lead to major change in policy outcomes. Specifically, we show that policy mobility of parties and fluidity in their parliamenta...
  • A Paleoeconomic Theory of Co‐Evolution and Extinction of Domesticable Animals
    • No. 50-2, May 2003
    • Scottish Journal of Political Economy
    One Pleistocene mystery is why early North Americans eradicated their large, potentially domesticable animals (e.g., horses), whereas early Europeans did not. A commonly‐held hypothesis is that Eur...
    ... ... We explore this hypothesis with a paleoeconomic model of co-evolution that integrates human hunting investments and wildlife population responses. We find that investments in hunting ability, based on the relative scarcity of prey species, could ... ...
  • In Search of Computer Professionals
    • No. 87-1/2, January 1987
    • Industrial Management & Data Systems
    • 17-18
    The shift of the DP role as a traditional administrative function to an integral element of the company's strategy calls for top‐level computer people with all‐round business acumen. Executive sear...
    ... ... vanguard of key marketing developments, such as cash-points and electronic point-of-sale, many firms are resorting to executive search—head-hunting—to find "the man or woman in a thousand". A Head for Marketing What has created this demand for the business-oriented DP specialist? One reason is ... ...
  • Testing the limits of the politics of recognition: Fox hunters in the United Kingdom
    • No. 39-4, September 2018
    • International Political Science Review / Revue internationale de science politique
    • 0000
    Research into the rights of minority groups to preserve their culture and identity has tended to focus on claims for cultural recognition made by indigenous peoples or other socio-economically disa...
    ... ... , this article examines the political appeals to culture and identity made by campaigners in the United Kingdom seeking to defend the sport of hunting with hounds in the lead up to the creation of the Hunting Act (2004). Opponents of the hunting ban consciously echoed arguments about cultural ... ...
  • ‘Paedophile Hunters’, Criminal Procedure, and Fundamental Human Rights
    • No. 47-3, September 2020
    • Journal of Law and Society
    ‘Paedophile hunters’ have attracted global media attention. The limited literature on paedophile hunters, which documents their emergence in contemporary liberal democracies, pays scant attention t...
    ... ... It dr aws upon media coverage, criminal pr ocedure jurisprudence, and criminological scholarship to analyse the regulation of paedophile hunting in English and W elsh law. The article suggests that domestic law does not aff ord adequate protection to due processand the fundamental human rights ... ...
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