ABA-FHLBs' Affordable Housing Funding Dipped Slightly in 2020.

ENPNewswire-October 13, 2021--ABA-FHLBs' Affordable Housing Funding Dipped Slightly in 2020

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Release date- 12102021 - The Federal Home Loan Banks awarded approximately $393 million in affordable housing program funds in 2020, a 14% decline from the year before, according to a report released today by the Federal Housing Finance Agency.

Through the affordable housing funds, more than 40,000 low- or moderate-income households received assistance, including approximately 21,600 very low-income households.

The FHLBs also funded nearly $3 billion in housing and economic development advances in 2020 through the Community Investment Program-approximately 13% less than in 2019. The CIP assisted about 22,000 households in 2020, a decrease of approximately 19% from 2019. The decline was mostly driven by decreases in units assisted by...

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