Philips launches Pediatric Coaching to enhance MR imaging patient experience for young children.

ENPNewswire-October 12, 2021--Philips launches Pediatric Coaching to enhance MR imaging patient experience for young children

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Release date- 11102021 - Amsterdam, the Netherlands - Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA), a global leader in health technology, announced the launch of Philips Pediatric Coaching, a holistic solution designed to be a less stressful experience for parents and their children undergoing MRI scans. Using gamification and 'buddy system' techniques to prepare children and their parents beforehand, the solution helps guide young children through the MRI procedure to significantly enhance the patient experience. Pediatric Coaching is the latest initiative launched within the Philips Ambient Experience portfolio, featuring a wide range of dedicated solutions to help enhance the experience of patient and staff.

Acquiring high quality images in pediatric MRI can be challenging for both radiologists and the child undergoing the scan. Fear of the unfamiliar environment of an MRI system can be stressful for a younger child, making them agitated and unable to lie still, which is required for good image quality. As a result, scans are often performed under sedation or general anesthesia, which according to parents, carries disadvantages such as post-scan irritability for the child and concerns of repeated anesthesia exposure [2]. Having to resort to such measures or deal with a conscious but distressed child is challenging for hospital staff, increasing procedure time and costs. By helping to empower children during an MRI scan, the Philips Pediatric Coaching solution overcomes many of these issues.

With Philips Pediatric Coaching, we deploy gamification to help children better prepare for their MRI scan in a non-threatening environment at home, interacting with the same character and voice like Ollie the Elephant and friends, who also coaches them at the hospital, and can even coach them during the MRI procedure itself.

Werner Satter

General Manager Philips Healthcare Environment and Experience Design

'As adults, many of us can experience anxiety and stress during an MRI exam, and this is especially true for our youngest patients. By removing factors that can trigger stress, we are enhancing the patient engagement experience for pediatric patients to help improve outcomes,' said Werner Satter, General Manager Philips Healthcare Environment and Experience Design. 'With Philips...

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