Surveillance in UK Law

  • The `Surveillance Society'
    • No. 6-2, March 2009
    • European Journal of Criminology
    • 0000
    The concept of the `surveillance society' has become a central part of the emerging transdisciplinary narrative of surveillance studies, and is now to be found as much in criminology as in many of ...
  • The Surveillance Consensus
    • No. 6-2, March 2009
    • European Journal of Criminology
    • 0000
    This article is inspired by Haggerty and Ericson's notion of the `surveillant assemblage', which draws on philosophical concepts of Deleuze and Guattari in order to analyse the dynamics of contempo...
  • Theorizing surveillance in crime control
    • No. 15-3, August 2011
    • Theoretical Criminology
    • 0000
    Surveillance is conventionally perceived as a key component of the crime control apparatus. This editors’ introduction to a Special Issue of Theoretical Criminology on ‘Theorizing Surveillance in C...
  • Surveillance, freedom and the republic
    • No. 17-3, July 2018
    • European Journal of Political Theory
    • 0000
    Arbitrary state and corporate powers are helping to turn the Internet into a global surveillance dragnet. Responses to this novel form of power have been tepid and ineffective. Liberal critiques of...
  • The Limits of Coercive Surveillance
    • No. 3-3, July 2001
    • Punishment & Society
    • 0000
    This article analyzes social and penal control strategies in the GDR with special emphasis on the role of the Ministry for State Security (Stasi) in East German society, which by reinforcing party ...
  • International Surveillance Satellites - Open Skies for All?
    • No. 25-3, September 1988
    • Journal of Peace Research
    Since the early 1960s the US and the USSR have had a monopoly on highly detailed surveillance information gathered from satellites in orbits around the Earth. The information available from these s...
  • Limits on surveillance: Frictions, fragilities and failures in the operation of camera surveillance
    • No. 2-1, February 2004
    • Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society
    • 9-19
    Public video surveillance tends to be discussed in either utopian or dystopian terms: proponents maintain that camera surveillance is the perfect tool in the fight against crime, while critics argu...
  • Chameleonizing: A microsociological study of covert physical surveillance
    • No. 19-2, March 2022
    • European Journal of Criminology
    • 0000
    This study empirically explores covert physical surveillance conducted by the police and proposes the concept of chameleonizing in covert physical surveillance. Like the chameleon, police officers ...
  • Surveillance arbitration in the era of digital policing
    • No. 26-1, February 2022
    • Theoretical Criminology
    This article analyses adoptions of innovative technology into police surveillance activities. Extending the nascent body of empirical research on digital policing, the article draws on qualitative ...
  • Covert surveillance and the invisibilities of policing
    • No. 12-3, July 2012
    • Criminology & Criminal Justice
    • 0000
    This article draws upon research from the first ethnographic field study of covert policing conducted in the United Kingdom, and seeks to shed light on how covert officers carry out their surveilla...
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