Unilateral Agreement in UK Law

    • Núm. 17-1, Enero 1979
    • Journal of Educational Administration
    • 75-86
    Until the middle of the 20th Century, all the governments of the various regions in Nigeria did was to give grants‐in‐aid to the voluntary agencies that operated approved schools while a few “gover...
    ...... e take-ove r o f voluntar y school s base d o n mutua l agreement . However , voluntar y agencie s an d privat e individual s shoul d ......
  • Dispute Resolution in “Essential Services”:. Procedural Experimentation in Canada
    • Núm. 8-2, Febrero 1986
    • Employee Relations
    • 8-12
    In its handling of public sector pay, the present British Government appears to have given higher priority to the minimisation of public expenditure than to the avoidance of disputes. It has on sev...
    ...... e concernin g th e introductio n (failin g negotiate d agreements ) o f compulsor y arbitration , whic h migh t b e bindin g o n th ......
  • China's emerging regional trade policy
    • Núm. 1-1, Enero 2008
    • Journal of Chinese Economic and Foreign Trade Studies
    • 21-35
    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to provide a timely review and analysis of China's regional trade agreements, its motivations, and its economic implications for Association of Southeast Asian...
    ...... a timely review and analysis of China’s regional trade agreements, its motivations, and its economic implications for Association of ... demonstrates the wisdom of China’s simultaneous pursuit of unilateral, regional and multilateral liberalization – because the wider the ......
  • Extending Equity s Reach through the Mutual Wills Doctrine?
    • Núm. 54-4, Julio 1991
    • The Modern Law Review
    ...... . . mutual wills were made pursuant to a definite agreement or contract not only to make such . . . will but also that ... an equitable proprietary remedy should be imposed for a unilateral breach of agreement only when a very clear justificatory ......
  • Performance‐related Pay: A Case Study
    • Núm. 11-2, Febrero 1989
    • Employee Relations
    • 17-23
    Performance‐related pay (PRP) is becoming a fashionable concept in Britain nowadays, but there is a shortage of detailed examination of how such systems work in practice. To help alleviate this, a ...
    ...... r cen t fo r al l staf f covere d b y th e procedur e agreement , an d a syste m o f meri t payments , whic h wer e base d o n ......
  • Rectifying the Course of Rectification
    • Núm. 75-3, Mayo 2012
    • The Modern Law Review
    In Daventry District Council v Daventry & District Housing Ltd [2011] EWCA Civ 1153, the majority of the Court of Appeal held that a contract should be rectified because of a common mistake. Th...
    ...... might help to distinguish common mistake rectification from unilateral mistak e rectification. INTRODUCTION In Chartbrook Ltd v Persimmon ... ‘liberal’ appr oach to the interpretation of commercial agreements, driven in no small part by Lord Hoffmann himself, 3 means that many ......
  • Concession Bargaining: The British Experience
    • Núm. 5-5, Mayo 1983
    • Employee Relations
    • 13-16
    In the United States, the phenomenon of “concession bargaining”, whereby management seeks to obtain wage freezes or actual cuts in wages, is being widely discussed by both researchers and practitio...
    ...... pro quos fo r th e unio n wer e containe d i n thi s agreement , mos t notabl y wit h regar d t o jo b security , profi t sharin ......
  • Conceptualism Triumphant in the Court Of Appeal
    • Núm. 31-3, Mayo 1968
    • The Modern Law Review
    ...... liability of a party to a hire-purchase " recourse agreement." The defendants, Eagle, owned a Viking aircraft which ... classifications and concepts-“ options,” (‘ unilateral con- tracts,” “ conditions precedent ” and so forth-it ......
  • Chronicle Industrial Relations in the United Kingdom
    • Núm. 21-2, Julio 1983
    • British Journal of Industrial Relations
    ...... Despite a slowdown in settlement rates in national agreements as shown by the indices of weekly and hourly wage ... The employers invoked the unilateral arbitration clause in their agreement with the union but the ......
  • The Nile Basin Initiative and the Cooperative Framework Agreement: failing institutional enterprises? A Script in legal history of the Diplomatic Confront (1993?2016)
    • Núm. 11-1, Enero 2017
    • Mizan Law Review
    • Tadesse Kassa Woldetsadik
    • Tadesse Kassa Woldetsadik (LLB, LLM, Ph.D), Associate Professor of Law and Human Rights, Addis Ababa University, College of Law and Governance Studies (CLGS); Advisor: Institutional Support Program World Bank Group, Ethiopian Investment Commission; Email: <tadkas1@gmail.com>
    • 196-228
    Nearly two decades since its inception, the Transitional Mechanism of the Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) has been credited for fulfilling several components of its institutional undertaking –building ...
    ...... Unsurprisingly, Egypt protested against the ‘unilateral’ move, which, it contended, deviated from the modalities applied under previous proceedings leading to Nile–COM’s resolution in 2007; it held ......
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