Which Brexit This Time?

Date06 December 2018
Published date06 December 2018
AuthorNigel Culkin,Richard Simmons
This years referendum is more than a hands up for or against
Europe. It is one aspect of a disintegrating political order.
The Guardian (21 May 1975)
The months since the 2016 Referendum have seen an endless narrative of
twists and turns in the Brexit tale with a Shakespearian cast of characters
and a Machiavellian litany of plots, counterplots, hidden loyalties and
betrayals. If, having completed this rapid journey through a gallery of, at
times, challenging pictures you feel as though this was the wrong gallery to
be strolling though and you are asking where the sunny uplands of the
Brexit dividend are; we have a simple answer. In the real world and in life,
benets must be earned. Only the past is set in stone and the past seems to
repeat itself (albeit in slightly different guises) with monotonous frequency!
The theme of this nal chapter is try to answer the question How can we
make this work?The future is not yet written and so it is available for us all
to mould. If the slogan Take Back Control, (that was central to the Leave
Campaign) has any meaning, it is in its emphasis that nding success will
need policy and action to be driven by us all. Together we have the detailed
knowledge to drive success. Brexit, as we have seen is a symptom and not a
cause of the stresses and strains in our society. It needs to be the concern of
everyone, not a few vocal commentators and politicians.
Like any great artwork Brexit is complex and made up of an untold num-
ber of brush strokes. For it to become a masterpiece, these brush strokes
need orchestrating to create a work of art that is both simple for the eye to

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